The Real Secrets To Busting Approach Approach Anxiety (What Dating Gurus Aren’t Telling You)

Picture this:You’re going about your normal day, just walking down the street and suddenly:You see HER!She’s everything you’ve ever wanted. The height, the hair, the looks…everything in her screams ‘PERFECT’ out loud.But…You know how reality works- She’s not gonna come over and talk to you. It’s you who has to go up to her, be […]

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Our Story

If you’ve been following my posts lately, you know how I keep rambling about the fact…… that getting good with dating women is a journey!A journey that changes and transforms your inner being and makes you a real man.A journey that has its highs and lows, but still takes you to your happy place.There’s a […]

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How To Use Your Personality To Attract Women (Even If You Aren’t Rich Or Good Looking)

After being in the dating game for as long as I can think and being with women left-right-center!And doing threesomes, foursomes and what not…… I’ve come across some really interesting things about attraction and women…And that’s what I’ll be sharing with you in this post.First up… You gotta know this.Women don’t consciously choose which guys […]

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