4 Things Women Want in Men (But Will Never Tell You)


‘Women are meant to be loved. Not understood.’

Who said that? I wanna meet that guy because I think he actually did, UNDERSTAND women.

I know... you're itching inside coz you wanna be desired by women..But you don't quite know HOW? 

Everyone wants answer to that question! - from Chinese Zen to the monks in Tibet.

Even Nostradamus and Aristotle decided came up with numerous discussions on the subject, but all in vain.

Instead, the monks learnt moves like jagger..

Little did these guys know that to understand women, you need to take the journey of game.

The journey which you are on.

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So let’s talk about what women really want in men!
(drum-roll please …)

And stay with me on this… I even thought of traveling across the himalayan mountains and spend months meditating in the harsh weather.

But then I thought ‘there’ll be no beautiful women there.’

Instead, I went back to the urban sprawl and talked to as many women as I could and read whatever I could find.

And then I discovered the secrets behind what women actually want in men.

You’re so gonna thank me because the things you'll learn today are gold. 

The best part is, Even women don’t know this stuff!

Let's get right into it:

1)The Leader

Let’s take a trip back to when humans lived like the Flintstones.

Back in the day when there was no civilization, we had tribes… And each tribe consisted of hundreds of men and women.

The tribe was ruled by a leader, who was the strongest, smartest and the coolest guy in the pack.

He was always the guy in charge of protecting his people from the dangers, provide them with food and shelter, make important decisions, yada yada yada.

The best part? He got laid like crazy!

And he chose whichever woman he wanted to have sex with.

But what’s even more crazy is that women loved it that way.

The Chicks Went all Swalala for the leader..

In fact, they made their best efforts to get the attention of the leader and even fought with each other over him.

And there’s a simple reason why … Ready?

Because first, they wanted to have children who had great genetics, strong and sharp like the leader.

And then, they knew that the leader was the best man in the pack, which meant he could take good care of them and their future children.

Don’t worry about this stuff for now, it’s anyways for the lab coat wearing people who call it ‘Evolutionary Psychology’.

We’ve explained this in plain English in the Realities Handbook (full of cold hard truths of the game) which is included with our book 'Daygame Decoded'

In the modern world, even though we have concepts like marriage, dating, monogamy and relationships now, how women choose the men they want to be with hasn’t changed a dime.

Even today, women love guys who can lead their way through. And it’s easy to be a leader.

Be the man who makes firm decisions in his life.

This may sound like an army General's command, but there's nothing to freak out. 

Start small and ask yourself this:

Do you know what your life goals are? Are you working towards them to the best of your ability?

Do you have a firm stand on things, or you just agree and do whatever your parents or friends say?

If you haven’t figured out these things yet, accept responsibility for your life and start by taking the first step and getting shit done.

Be the man who initiates plans with her.

You want her number? Ask her.

You want to take her out to a date. Suggest plans to her.

Make things happen. You're the man!

If you keep thinking and guessing that she’s going to put in all the work, while you stay in your comfort bubble, I hate to break it to you but she’s going to discard you like old furniture and find a better guy!

And no, it’s not because women are bad or unfair, it’s just that they want to be with a real man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it.

2) The Power of Passion

Ever seen girls go crazy over the lead guitarist from the school band or the college basketball team captain?

There’s a reason for that!

It’s because these guys have one thing that sets them apart from all the average guys.

And that’s passion.

The way the basketballer lifts his t-shirt to wipe sweat when he’s playing gets them drooling!

...or the expression the lead guitarist has when he is lost in his performance gets them crazy.

Yeah this!

You know why?

Because passion shows a woman how good a lover you’ll be.

For a woman, a passionate person in life is a passionate person in bed. It’s as simple as that.

And it’s a fact.

Who doesn’t want hot, steamy and passionate sex in their lives?

Now don’t say you’re passionate about women. That doesn’t work with them.

But if you’re brave enough to take the risk of telling a woman that, may the almighty be with you.

Take it easy there, Romeo!

No seriously, it’s gotta be something else. Something that’s a part of who you are.

Something that is always in some nook and corner of your mind.

Something that you love!

For me, helping guys get better with women is my passion, and I openly say that to women.

You won’t believe it, but they love me for what I do.

So don’t worry about being judged, women don’t care what your passion is as long as it’s important to you.

You could be in love with mowing the lawn and the girl could still be attracted to you, if she sees how passionate you are for it.

So find your passion if you haven’t yet!

And don’t be afraid to show it. Not only girls, but people will also love you for it.

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3) Kickass Socializer

Too bad, we forgot the explanation of this point at the stone age. Let’s head to the flintstone’s house again.

So we talked about the obsession women had with ‘The Leader’ back in the day because he could lead the pack, hunt for food and protect them from all the ‘bad stuff.’

But let’s face it, we’re in 21st century now and women don’t give a shit about your hunting skills or if you carry mini variants of Kalashnikovs in your pocket.

Women of today are independent.

They live by themselves, make their own money and walk at par with the society.

So how do you show them that you’re the attractive guy she’s been looking for?

It’s simple. You’ve got to be good with people.

Now forget about the hollywood obsession with introverted loners scoring the girl every freakin time.

That’s far from how things work in the real world!

You’ve got to be the guy who can talk to anyone anytime he wishes to.

The guy who has a great social circle.

And why is that?

Because how people perceive you will give her the perfect proof of the fact that you are a likable guy.

Now you can climb the Burj Khalifa and shout at the top of your voice for the girl to hear ‘I AM THE ATTRACTIVE GUY YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR.’

Yet she won’t believe your words. But she’ll always believe the stuff that other people you know say about you.

We always favor the masses. That’s just how people work.

So being a social person comes in handy, not just for getting good with women but in all other areas of life as well.

And I know…

If you’re anti-social like I used to be, the idea of talking to people can make you feel nauseous.

I know that face. I've been there too!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all at once. Baby-step your way through.

If you go to school, start by saying a simple ‘Hello. How are you?’ to all your classmates.

If you work, you follow the same drill with your colleagues.

With time, you’ll be become more and more comfortable with people.

If you want to sort this issue for once and all, we’ve written a book that teaches you how to be the social guy which women can’t help swooning over. Check it out here!

4) The One They CHASE!

We all want what we can’t have!

As kids, we got mad when our parents refused to buy us the toys we wanted.

Infact, that made us want them more. (remember the days of the G.I. Joe’s and Hot-wheels?)

The theory works the same with women as well.

If they know that a man is easy to get, they’ll get bored of him real quick.

But on the other hand if they know that they have to put in some work to get him, they love the challenge!

Yes, that’s what women want. The challenge.

Now how you make yourself a challenge depends totally on you.

Are you the guy who agrees to whatever the girl says and allows her to walk all over you just because you like her?

Are you the guy who cancels all important tasks just because a girl tells you to?


Are you the guy who holds his ground for stuff he believes in?

And the guy who knows what he wants from life and does not dwindle even if a woman tries to lure him into something.

If you allow women to rule the way you live your life, I hate to break it to you….But you’re in deep shit!

Like Literally...

Not only that your dating life will be in a mess, but women won’t even respect you.

And I know if you’re just starting out and haven’t gotten laid or had much success with women…

... it’s hard to pretend and show them that you have other important things in life as well.

And that’s because you fear that they might just leave you and think that you’re acting pricey.

Trust me, that never happens.

Women might complain about guys being too busy and not having time for them, but they also walk all over guys who are available for them on the drop of a hat.

Always remember, women always want to be the second most important thing in your life. The first is always gotta be something else.

I know, this is one of those things that appear to be a little hard to believe at first but you’ll be amazed with the results once you see it work for you.

So what’s the number one priority in your life? If you haven’t yet, figure it out and never compromise on it, even if the world’s most beautiful woman asks you to.

And you’ll see, women will love and respect you for it. 

He's got his chase game sorted!

What’s even more amazing is, that you’ll flip the script around and see them chase you.

Good luck with that, bud!

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There you have it…

Phew! We're done. Cupid must be so proud of me right now!

Now you know the real deal about what makes women crave you like you're Mississippi mud pie...

... instead of the usual shebang people tell you like being ‘extra-nice’ to them and buying them flowers and blah blah…

So how many of these qualities do you have?

Is there anything you think I’ve missed? Tell me in the comments below.

Hope this helps!

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Dating Coach by profession. Writer by heart. Amitoj spends his free time gobbling on chicken wings and convincing people that he's a reincarnation of Shakespeare.


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