5 Amazing Places to Approach Women (They Are NOT What You Think)


Well, the ‘Pickup Dudes’ might wanna slam me for this…

… but I’ve always believed that meeting women is a natural process!

Available women are everywhere. Not just in bars and clubs.

And I know if you haven’t had much success with women, it’ll be hard for you to register what I’m about to tell ya. But...

‘Women love to get approached!...

Yes… you heard that right.

But that’s not all. Listen very carefully!

… they HATE to be picked up.’

Yeah… they can feel the difference between the guy who has a chill personality versus the guy who ‘picks up’ girls like he’s some predator out on a hunt.

Get some chill bruh!

When a girl knows that a dude is tryna pick her up, her default response is:

‘There's no reason I wanna be with this guy!’

Instead, lemme tell you the truth about what women respond well to.

Here goes:

What she REALLY wants is a feeling that everything happened spontaneously.

Yeah, no girl wants to go and tell her best friend about some random dude picking her up…

She wants to tell them her disney princess version of the story:

'I was out just going about my day and I met this really awesome guy. The next thing I know is sparks were flying between us and now I can’t stop thinking about him!'

Yes..and that’s why today I’m gonna tell you places where you can approach women (except the usual bars and clubs) where you can show your real personality...

... and give your love story the kick start it requires!


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IMO, this is the most underrated place when it comes to meeting women.

Lemme explain.

Yeah man! Think of those toned hotties wearing tight yoga pants.

Bliss! 😀

But the gym is also where you’ll find two kinds of guys.

1.The creepy dudes who don’t give a fuck about working out and keep checking out girls.

I call them the ‘Damn that booty!’ bros.

Girls hate them!

2.The Gym buffs who are busy grunting and burping out protein shakes.

Unlike the creepy dudes, these guys finish their entire quota of fucks given on working out and don’t even consider talking to girls at the gym.

And in this cycle of fucks, the poor ladies are the ones losing out.

You don't want it to come to this 😛

Because they wanna get approached…. But only by the right guys who understand the know-how of gym game.

Here’s what I do when I’m at the gym:

I don’t go out of my way to approach women and run my best ‘game’ on them coz obviously…

... I go there to work out and not score dates.


If I see an empty treadmill next to a hottie, I never lose an opportunity to and start talking to her.

I always say stuff like, “Damn! These treadmills are so fuckin complicated….and here I am having no idea about how to operate it!’

Usually the girl just looks over and offers to help...if she doesn’t I just ask her to help.

Then the drill is simple...I thank her, introduce myself and take it from there.

Try it. It works 😉 There’s 2 reasons why:

First, because it appears genuine to her...coz that’s what a normal sane person would do. i.e- help a person.

This sends her creepy-alert button out of the park.

And second, it’s subtle. She actually gets to know me as a person before we hit it off.

And here’s a bonus for you...

But do this only if you’re a jacked dude who has a good physique.

You can always be a little naughty and go a step further to start talking to the girl. How?

By giving free advice. Yeah, I’m serious.

Don't make her wait.

If you see a girl working out! Just tell her something like,

“Hey that’s really bad form. You might hurt your back if you keep doing that!”... and then help her with the exercise.

And then the drill is same. But be a little careful with this one, because taking free advice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Retail Stores

Talk of scoring chicks at Walmart!

Yep. Retail stores can be your ‘mecca’ for getting dates, if you know what to do.

But hey…lemme clear this out first.

Don’t think that you’ve got to purchase the entire store just because you wanna talk to girls.

In fact, you don’t have to fall into the trap of buying anything or even need a cent in your pocket… if you do this:

Go to the clothing section and pick up any two random shirts.  

Then find the hottie you wanna talk to and ask her for a female opinion.

Say, “When it comes to fashion, I’m pretty much a noob. Could you please help me pick one shirt?”

Well, if you don’t know this amazing fact yet...lemme tell you.

Most girls feel flattered when you ask for their opinion. 

That’s coz they’re better with fashion and also, love dressing guys up.

And when you approach them this way, it feels very natural to them.

After she’s done giving you her opinion, follow it up by saying “Well thank you, a female opinion does count for something. I’m (your name). Who are you?”

And take it from there champ!

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Social Events

Are you an EDM fan who attends gigs regularly? Or a ‘comic’ nerd who doesn’t miss a single comic-con event in his city!

Chances are that your soulmate is waiting for you at these social events!

Yes, I’m serious …

… social events are a great place to catch-up with people who share the same interests with you.

And the best part…

That makes it way easier to talk to people... because there’s a sense of belonging at these places.

It’s natural!

If you’re at a place where people love the same things as you… there’s no way you’ll ever feel left out there.

For example, if you’re a comic-lover at a Comic-Con event… you can always start the ‘why batman is better than superman’ debate with the girl you approach there.

And let’s say her choices of superheroes are same as yours...even better!

You might even get two soulmates 😉

You guys can team up and take on other fans together.

And yeah, while you get engrossed in the ‘marvel-ous’ world of comics… don’t forget to introduce yourself to the girl and exchange numbers at the end.


At the Laundry

There’s a reason why I keep on saying that you don’t need to go get dead drunk at bars and clubs just coz you wanna meet women!

You know why?

It’s because there’s so many single women around you… but only if you care to look around.


If you wanna be set-up with a girl who lives nearby, laundromats are the way to go.

Because... a) You go there often. That means you have more chances of meeting the girl again.

And b) You have a lot of time to strike up a conversation and exchange numbers if your approach is good.

I know what you’re thinking. “How should I go about this?”

Well, keep it simple!

Say hi... ask for a little help with the washing machine… introduce yourself…

... and there begins your new love story 😉 

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Coffee Shops

Aha! The Shakespearean classic of the dating world.

Dig through the internet, and you’ll find that more than a million love stories began at one common place:


And that’s not even surprising for me!

Call it great advertising… but in the human psyche, coffee and dates go together.

Or else why would people meet over ‘coffee’ for dates.

For women too, coffee shops are the place where they sit sipping latte and fake reading a novel…

Never Underestimate 'Coffee' power 😉

… But they’re actually waiting for a charming guy to come over and talk to them!

Guess who’s the charming guy?


So step up, move your fat ass from the chair and go talk to her.

And don’t be surprised if she looks happy like an anime schoolgirl while talking to you.

Coz you know she’s been waiting for long 😉

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Dating Coach by profession. Writer by heart. Amitoj spends his free time gobbling on chicken wings and convincing people that he's a reincarnation of Shakespeare.


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