5 Unspoken Secrets That Will Turn Her On (And Want To Sleep With You Right Away!)


Aha! I see you there, champ.

You’re on a date with this gorgeous bombshell of a lady and you’re on cloud fuckin 11.

And why not, you deserve to be ...coz you’ve earned it by taking the journey of self improvement and dating!

I can see the happiness on that face- and that smile wider than a BBW’s ass doesn’t leave much to guess. LOL

You sure are havin a ball!

There's this amazing chemistry between you guys and…

… the way she’s looking you and giggling away to glory to even the shittiest of your jokes shows that she likes you too!

And she's goin all woo to your hoo..

It’s like you lovebirds can stay there forever, staring into eachother's eyes for eternity!

Except for the fact that you can’t do that!

Coz courtesy, your willy..

You’ve got to take her back home and end the date by making sweet love to her like a man.

And to tell you the truth… she wants you to do that.

Yep, I’m telling you this from personal experience.

Women actually look forward to the moves you make on them before they decide if they wanna sleep with you or not.

So the bottom line is:

If you wanna have sex with her, you gotta be spot on with your game…

...even after the you’ve given her the best date ever.

Coz buddy, lemme tell ya..

When you take her home, it’s a make or break situation.

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Play the game well from here and you’ll have the best sex of your life.


She’ll see you again, come back for more and maybe even be the mother of your future kids.

But, fuck it up! Forget about her seeing you again- She won’t even reply to your messages.

You don’t want that, do you?

So today, lemme give you my pro-tips so that you know all the how of taking her home, turning her on and slam dunkin her like an 'All-star' in bed.

This is so gonna be fun 😉

Eagle Eye Activation

^A little overboard with the fancy name? Can’t help... that’s just me!

What I’m talking about here is -Eye Contact

Yeah, that’s first thing you gotta ace if you wanna get laid with her.

And the best way to learn confident eye contact is through taking a sneak peek into the animal kingdom.

Be with me on this, I’ll explain.

See, when it comes to 'predator' set of snimals… the Eagles are the coolest ones of the lot!

You know why?

Coz they have this ability to eye their prey right from the time they first see it…

… till the time of the hunt! 

Woah Woah Woah!


The way the eagle commits to its prey with the eyes- That’s how solid your eye contact must be with your girl.

From the time you see her for the date… till the time you’re inside her and she’s screaming your name like you’re some Brad Pitt.

Why? Coz firm eye contact shows her how confident you are about your decision to sleep with her.

And that works like a mirror…

Coz it makes her sure about her decision of being with you.

Now I’m not telling you to stare at her like a creep all this while and make her uncomfortable.

Look straight in her eyes for 10-15 seconds when you guys are talking...and rest by look away for 5-10 seconds.

Rinse and repeat. Yep, it’s that simple and will get her hooked to you like cray-zay!

But if you’re new to this..lemme tell ya, it won’t be easy for you from the start.

You’ll have this strong urge to look away all the freakin time. In that case, just push yourself to look for 2-3 more seconds from the time you wanna look away.

Keep practicing this and you’ll be an EEA (Eagle Eyed Ace) in no time 😉

Yeah I know, fancy names and me = inseparable 😛

Bridging the gap: The Love-Bird Distance

Now this is the time when you’ve played your cards right and she’s back at your place.


You’re back at hers (In that case, give yourself a complimentary beverage, son!)

If you’re looking for action in the night, you gotta start turning her on now.

And lemme tell ya, turning a woman on can a long and hard process if you don’t go just about it the right way!

So we’ll start with the basic (yet most powerful) tool for getting her all warmed up for ya.

And that’s proximity!

It’s a fact: nothing turns a woman on more than the strong presence of a man.

So the whole idea of the Love-Bird distance is to be really close to her physically…

… and make her feel your presence.

Watch out for the expression- you're gonna get it a lot 😉

And I don’t care if you’re in the kitchen heating leftover pizza in the microwave with her... or sitting next to her on the couch.

You’ve got to close enough so that you both can touch each other.

And be patient here… I know when there’s a hot woman standing less than 3 feet away from you…

… it’s hard to control your raging whore-mones.

But DON’T touch her in the wrong areas, yet.

Instead build it up by start by touching her non-sexually.

Hold her hand, do a mini couple dance with her. Or just put your arm around her shoulder.


If both these things are hard for ya, just be more generous with your hugs.

The point is, she’s gotta get used to your touch before she can let loose and allow you to turn her on.

And soon she'll be sure that...

... you’re the kinda guy who’ll touch her- in all the ways possible 😉

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The Interlude- The know-how of getting her wet

Unlike us men, who need just a pair of boobs of a dripping wet pussy to get us hard and horny…

… women take their own sweet time to get aroused.

And turning them on is a slow process!

A process where you keep doing things that activate her sexual buttons...even though she sometimes makes it hard for you by resisting.

You keep trying until you arouse her so much that she can’t help but go,

‘Please fuck me, right now!’

Patience there, Mr. Horny-saurus

But if you do it wrong, be ready to hear the classic cockblocker of the century:

‘We’re going too fast! I think we should take it slow.’

Well, I had to figure this process through trial and error. But the good part, you don’t have to.

Because I’ll tell you how to take it step by step.

First up, start by leaning in and touching her hair. Yes, just that.

For example, you guys are talking, sitting super close to each other on the bed… just stop for a moment and feel her hair.

If she looks comfortable, you can go a step further by smelling her hair before you start talking again.

If she asks what you’re doing, just say :

‘Umm, your hair. They’re just so pretty. Couldn’t help it.’ Then just laugh it off and continue the conversation.

Next up, move to the more sexual zones- The palm and the wrist.

Eventually...she'll go:

It’s scientifically proven:

Touching a woman closer to her nerve endings arouses them like anything.

So you might think that holding her hand for long doesn’t do much, but it actually does way more!

If you touch her closer to the wrist for long enough, you can actually feel her pulse get faster. Amazing right?

Now it’s up to you that you wanna use be Mr. Palmistry expert, check hand sizes or be daring and just hold her hand straight up.

But you gotta do this until you see she’s being all comfortable and cozy with you.

That means, she’s holding your hand back and looking right into your eyes like she’s saying something to you.

Well, guess what that something is?

Kiss her!

The kiss is where all the other good things begin.

 Why? There's 2 Reasons:

First, it clears all the monkey-chatter in your head by confirming that she’s interested. (Phew!)

And second, it works as great foreplay before sex.

No prizes for guessing, women absolutely looooove foreplay!

Because that’s what builds all the sexual tension in their body and gets them dripping with all those love juices.

But that doesn’t mean you just pounce on them like a creep from hornyville.

Here’s a little something I’d suggest you do before going in for the kiss:

Make a routine.

Yes, it’s way easier if have a ‘routine’ of how you’re actually gonna go about the kiss.

For example, Me and Dev used to follow the same routine back in the day where we made the girl slow-dance to soft music so we could arouse her more by touching her before going in for the kiss.

And trust me, it works great even today!

If you wanna know more about this routine and how you can make it work for ya, there’s an entire section for it in our book, Daygame Decoded.

So you're looking to do this, you better keep your romantic playlist handy.

And if slow dancing isn’t your thing. You can just create whatever routine suits your personality.

Just make sure you lean in for the kiss confidently.

Start soft and then increase the tempo gradually to a make-out.

Yeah, when you see she’s also kissing you back all hard and intense, hold her by the waist and…

… move your hands through her neck and the nape.

By this time, I’m sure she’ll already be looking at you like a hungry tigress 😉

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The Point of No Return

Yay Finally… The sex part.

The valleys are swishing, the birds are singing and the entire world is dancing in joy.

And why? It’s coz you’ll be having SEX buddy!

Jokes apart...

This is the part after you guys have already had an intense make-out session with your girl

And the part when you get to take off her clothes (If she hasn’t removed yours already ;))

But here’s the deal if you don’t want it to get awkward-

Don’t stop kissing her!

I’m serious.

If you shift all your focus on getting her naked, that’s gonna get her having second thoughts about what she’s doing.

And trust me, you don’t want that! (Hint: ‘ This is going too fast.. I think we should stop.’)

So when you’re undressing her, keep kissing her even if your lips turn blue.

And here’s a golden rule for you if you wanna undress her without freaking her out:

For every two items of clothing you remove off her, take one item off of you. 

Relax, you're almost there buddy!

I know this sounds somewhat like a weird drinking game you’d play at a house party, but here’s why I’m telling you this:

See... not all women will be bold enough tear your clothes apart.

But still, you gotta make sure that when you she ends up lying naked next to you, you’re not wasting more time in taking off all your clothes and putting her back in her head…

… where you give her a chance to get back into the I-don’t-think-this-is-right-zone!

If you’ve done good so far, well congrats!

Coz here comes the tricky part:

The boobies.

You gotta find your way towards her bra and undo it without making her too conscious.

If you’re bad with the bra ritual, here’s an amazing tutorial for you:

After the bra is off make sure you gently touch her boobs and caress her nipples. You can even suck on them if that’s your thing.

Remember, I said gently.

Because if you squeeze or push them too hard or you’ll ruin the mood.

And she'll look at you like..

And then...

While you’re still on the boobs, move a hand towards her panties and start rubbing her over it...

... until you feel it getting moist and wet.

If you manage get to this stage, things are pretty much downhill from here.

So what’s next?

Well let's just keep it at... they lived happily ever after :p

But hey,

If you still don’t know what to do after all this, send me an e-mail with your girl’s picture, number and address.

And don’t you worry, I’ll take care of it for ya. 

Cheers 😉


Dating Coach by profession. Writer by heart. Amitoj spends his free time gobbling on chicken wings and convincing people that he's a reincarnation of Shakespeare.


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