Stop Doing These Five Things & Make Women Like You


Tell me about it.

Figuring out what women want can stress you out like a full time job!

Sometimes they want something and the next moment they want something else.

At one instance, they’ll love you for being all sweet and caring and on the other, they’ll crib about you not giving them ‘space’.

They’ll tell you that they want you to be nice and suave and the next moment you’ll see them having the HOTS for bad boys.

Go all ‘WTF’ you want to, but..

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That’s just how women are. And small things like these make them even more beautiful.

And as fertile males in the mating condition... there’s not much we can do…:p

You can either find your way around it by understanding women.

Or..get a balding scalp trying to figure out why they do stuff that they do.

And trust me…

Balding scalps aren’t that cool if you’re not Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel .


Today’s lesson is gonna be from my ancient encyclopedia of ‘Women Secrets’ is gonna be about the things guys do which really pi$$ women off.

And it’s not even funny...If you are or keep doing these with your girls, get ready to hear the most common anti-dialogue of the century…and that is...

‘I don’t think it’s working between us’

Excited? Let’s start!

1) Men don’t lead

This is one thing which brings a girl’s frustrate-o-meter up so quick.

And why?

Lemme explain!

Because since they were kids, Disney princess movies are stuffed into their face..

And what did those movies teach them?

That one fine day...their prince charming would arrive and just sweep them off their feet.

As stupid as that might sound, that thought doesn’t change even when they get mature. 

They still want their prince charming who charms and wins them like a real man.

I know you’re going all, “what’s this ‘prince charming’ crap now?”

It’s on.

If you break it down, being a girl’s ‘prince charming’ isn’t about having a big house or a sports car.

It’s all about being a man who is clear about what he wants from the girl and goes after it…

Because here’s the thing…

Biologically, men are designed to be aggressive and made for getting sh*t done.

On the other hand, women are passive. They are designed to be comfortable in following a man’s lead.

Which means that..

She could like you to death and still not make a move on you.

But for all you know, she could be dying for you to make it.

And it’s not even her fault: She’s just wired by nature like that.

So the equation is simple here... If you want her, you must deliver what she wants.

Keep the expectations low, my man.

Because girls HATE it when guys don’t take charge of the situation…

...and don’t go after what they want.

It doesn’t matter if you want to marry the girl, have a one night stand or just be friends with her. She needs to know what’s up.

You can’t keep pussyfooting around and hope things will magically change.

So have your stand clear, act on it and show her that you’re the attractive prince charming she’s been looking for!

2) Giving her solutions instead of listening to her

We’ve all been there…

Our girls just randomly come up to us one day and start ranting about how their day they fought with their ‘best friend’ their boss is the biggest a-hole on the planet...and blah blah blah.

And obviously, being the sweet and caring dudes that we are...we feel bad for them!

The first thought which strikes our head is, ‘Oh you poor thing! I wanna help you so bad.’

And then we make one blunder of mistake *thunderclap*

We start giving them solutions!


Here’s the thing.

Women are emotional creatures. And they loooove talking about stuff which triggers their emotions.

And when they tell you so much about their problems or of the things that are bothering them…

It’s because you matter to them...not because they want you to give them free counselling sessions.

So the next time your girl comes and begins her rant..

Remember... All she wants is you to make her feel comfortable.

And how do you do that?

By LISTENING to her. That’s the best way to show her that you care.

And, don’t try to offer solutions unless she asks you to.

If you’re unlucky, this kinda sh*t can really backfire bad...

... because for all you know, she’ll start complaining about you as well. LOL

But yeah…

… if you’re anything like I used to be….I know stuff can get awkward when a girl is overloading you with her pile of crap.

So here are some simple replies you can give her once she gives you the I-want-you-to-say-something looks instead of giving her your boring a$$ solutions.

1. Babe, I understand you must be going through a lot.

That’s it. No more, no less. Simple yet powerful.

This is the best way to show her that you really understand what she’s going through.

If she’s still looking at you like she wants you to say something more, just say…

2.  I wish I could just hug you right now

Say this and then just give her a long hug.

This also works great if you’re looking to sexualize things with her a little. But you gotta be careful with it.

But let’s say, if the setting is different and you guys are talking on the phone... you can also have a little fun with it if you’re getting bored of her rant. Just say...

3. ...OMG! Really?

And put your phone on speaker and keep it aside.

In the meanwhile, do whatever you want….run errands, smoke a blunt or play a’s upto you.

And whenever she’s done talking about one thing...rinse and repeat!


Okay okay! I’m kidding.

Don’t even think about it! Be a good guy :p

...unless you really wanna know how it feels like when a girl gets crazy pissed at you.

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3) Being Overly Possessive and Overly Available

Ahh! Both of these are the classic north and south poles in the dating world.

And lemme tell a fact about the poles.

The human population can’t survive there.

You know why?

Because the temperature is too freakin extreme.

Similarly in the dating world, if you’re extremely possessive or extremely available…

...The girl wouldn’t survive long with you.

Because both these behaviours come from one place...and that’s insecurity!

The feeling that if you’re not possessive about your girl, some dorky douche will take her away from you..

'What would I do if she leaves me? Would I be able to find a better girl than her?'

^^^^^^ These are the usual thoughts that go about in a possessive guy’s head.

But you know what’s the problem with that?

It kills her attraction for you!

Easy there, Leo!

Yes, you heard that right.

Sure, women do love it a little when the guy gets jealous and possessive.

But do it too much and they can’t wait to get rid of you like you’re some leech.

And there’s a reason why they don’t like such a behavior. Lemme tell you.

It’s because they think that you’re trying to mess with their freedom…

… And that you’re being controlling.

And let’s face’s not just women. We, as human beings hate it when somebody invades (or tries to invade) our freedom.

Or else when were kids, why would we get so mad at our parents when they 'grounded' us?

You might think you’re being all loving and caring by being possessive, but I hate to break it to you…

...That all she thinks then is that you’re trying to invade her personal space. So don’t do that.

On the flip side...if you’re always available to her on the drop of a hat...that’s equally sh*tty.

It shows her that you have nothing else to look forward to in life except her.

You have no other friends, no other girls...nothing.

You know what that makes her feel? The same thing.

That there’s nothing to look forward in life when she’s with you. No excitement, no adventure, no fun.

In her head, there isn’t much difference between a wooden log and you

Because let’s face it..

Women are hard-wired to get attracted to men who have interesting stuff going in their lives other than them.

And when you don’t push those buttons, they feel that a lack of it.

So get this straight!

If she’s knows that she’s the ONLY girl in your life, she’ll keep questioning her decision of being with you.

Because as humans, we like people what other people like.

4) Being Boring

In our book, Daygame Decoded you’ll learn how to attract, date and get the women you want.

But what do you do after you get the girl?

Here’s where the real trap lies!

Most guys become boring when they get the girl they want... And they think there’s no need to “game” her anymore!

And that’s a great way to look at things…

...if you want to lose the girl.

Don’t forget! A girl doesn’t fall for you unless you show her the attractive traits she responds to.

When you were in the I’m-still-wooing-her stage, you became all that she ever wanted.

You were the excitement, the fun… the adventure that was missing from her life.

And the moment she becomes your girl, you take that way from her!!

And make her go...


When you become your normal boring self who stays in bed all day and munches on to popcorn while watching netflix, here’s what she is thinking.

“Is he the same guy who he was when I wasn’t with him. I think he was faking it!”

And that makes her feel betrayed.

Always remember this…

As a man, like all other things, it’s your job to keep the attraction alive even if you’ve got the girl.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to be fake with her and always keep trying to impress her.


But you just gotta show her that you have the same zest and passion in you.

And how do you do that? I’ll tell you.

Don’t neglect her needs. Be it physical or emotional.

Keep things exciting in the bedroom. Try out new role-plays, positions etc.

Have the romantic conversations. Keep reminding her that she means a lot to you.

Go on an occasional trip or holiday with her.

And that’s pretty much about it!

These small things always keep her hooked to you and make her feel that she can’t have enough of you.

This not-neglecting-her-needs might appear to be shit loads of work at first…

… but if you come to it... there isn’t much that you have to do.

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5) Men lie

It’s a fact: Women hate when men lie!

But being a full grown man myself, I understand that when it comes to women…

Honesty isn’t always the best policy.

But trust me, when it comes to issues with women…

… most of them can be resolved if you know how to phrase your argument right….that too without lying or making up false crap.

And don’t worry, women love to listen.

In fact, on most occasions they appreciate that you put forward your point of view.

I’ll explain. But first, you gotta know that...

...there are two occasions where most men lie to women.

1. When there’s a conflict of choice or opinion (i.e- The ‘I don’t want to make her mad’ kinda lying)

Say you’re out with your girlfriend and she catches you checking out another girl and starts accusing you of being a cheat.

Here’s what most guys do: They get apologetic. And that too for something so natural.

And say stuff like….’Oh no baby! Umm..I was looking at the bald guy behind her' blah blah.

That never works. Girls can see through your bullsh*t.

Instead, own up your actions and say this like a man:

“Well I’m a heterosexual guy at the peak of my sexuality, so can’t help that. And even if I check out a hundred girls, that doesn’t mean that I love you any less.”

Or let’s take a more serious example;

Say you’re dating multiple women and a one of your girls gets to know that.

Here’s what most guys do: They lie that they’re just seeing her only.

They pretend to act surprised and say shit like, “What? That’s not true. I’m just with you!”

Again, the best you can do here is own up and phrase your words right. You say:

“Yes that’s true! Well I’m just a man who’s at a stage in life where he wants to have some fun. I haven’t committed myself to any girl that I’m seeing and that includes you too. But that in no way means that I don’t enjoy spending time with you. In fact, I love to have you around with me!”

Well those of you who don’t know how effective this is, probably won’t believe that girls don’t get mad at you when you say this stuff to them.

In fact, they respect and thank you for being honest.

And that's coz women love men who know how to stand their ground without making them mad.

Now let’s address the other reason why men lie to women.

 2. They have bad intentions (like they actually wanna hurt them or want something ill for them)

There’s only one thing I’d say to you guys before I ask you to get outta here..

Life follows a cycle of Karma...All the wrongs that you do, will come back to you in some way or the other.

And that includes lying to women and having intentions to hurt them.

So if you really have to lie to women for the wrong things… for God’s sake change your stance and start doing the right things.

Now close the tab and get lost.

So Anyway…

You’ve successfully learnt the 5 things women hate most about men from my very own encyclopedia of ‘Women Secrets’...(lucky you!)

Now head over here to Download '11 Mistakes Guys Make While Approaching Women' for free!

Sayo Nara~


Dating Coach by profession. Writer by heart. Amitoj spends his free time gobbling on chicken wings and convincing people that he's a reincarnation of Shakespeare.


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