How To Use Your Personality To Attract Women (Even If You Aren’t Rich Or Good Looking)


After being in the dating game for as long as I can think and being with women left-right-center!

And doing threesomes, foursomes and what not...

... I’ve come across some really interesting things about attraction and women…And that’s what I’ll be sharing with you in this post.

First up… You gotta know this.

Women don’t consciously choose which guys they get attracted to.

All the attraction happens in their subconscious head. I.e- without them being aware of it.

And the best part is…

They are wired by nature to get attracted to certain types of guys.

Okay, now don’t get confused here! When I say certain ‘types’ of guys I don’t mean you gotta be good looking, jacked or drive a lambo.

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I’m talking of personalities that make women swoon.

The personalities that trigger right through their DNA and make them go, 

‘There’s something about him!’

And you know what’s even more amazing? You’ll love this.

If you fall into any of these personalities, you already have an edge in the world of attraction. (Well, more or less)

And, you’ll always be able to use your personality to attract women into your life.

oh yeah!

And relax..

I know what some of you are thinking…. What if you don’t have a personality that attracts women?

Well... not a problem!

You can always adapt to and create one of these personalities for yourself.

So here’s the first thing you gotta know …

All the 7 personalities we’re about to discuss fall under two categories: The Lovers and the Providers.

To explain it simply:

A Lover is the kinda guy who’d push her sexual buttons and get the wild girl out of her.

And that’s coz he’s adventurous, fun and always gives the girl a sense of thrill when she’s with him.

This is the guy she'll most likely have sex with on the first date.

And Provider is the kinda guy she wants something long term with.

In other words, the relationship or marriage material guy.

I know, you must be thinking, ‘which kinda guy should I be?’

That’s for you to choose, bud!

If you wanna be the ‘good boyfriend guy’ then by all means swallow the ‘Provider' pill.

But if you wanna fool around and have multiple partners, I’d say be a Lover.

Now that we’ve laid the foundation, it’s time we get to the real stuff.

So ladies and gentlemen, on the brink of this boring afternoon in my office-room…

... I present to you….The 7 Personalities that make women go ‘OMG’ every time.
*double drum-roll*.

The Lovers

# Adrenaline Junkie

Ever seen a guy in a black leather jacket, has tattoos all over his body and a cigarette between his fingers?


The guy who’s always traveling and has extreme interests like skydiving and surfing ...All he talks is about having ‘fun’ all the time?

Now I’m not generalising here, chances are that you’ve bumped an adrenaline junkie.

These kinda guys attract women like crazy...and that’s coz:

1.They’re fearless

2.And ….they always give women a sense of ‘thrill’ when they’re with them.

Here’s the thing about them that makes them stand out: They always look at things from an ‘adventure’ perspective.

These guys are always in control….be it in life or with the women they’re seeing.

Now some people might say: “But they’re bad boys who treat women like shit!”

And that’s true in some cases.

But hey, a large population in the female world loooove bad boys.

The best examples of this personality would be any biker gang dude or if you’re looking for somebody more known, the late Hugh Hefner.

#The Seductionist

These are the guys who are infamous for unleashing the inner ‘horny bitch’ inside women.

They’re sensual, seductive and have a mysterious sexy charm about them.

And that’s all coz they freakin understand women to a great extent!

Be it passionate sex or deep conversations, women look up to these guys….

… and that’s coz unlike guys like me and you, who have to learn this shit;

They fuckin naturally know the when-to-do-what.

But hey, wait!

They’re not all roses and good things.

These guys often come off as strange to women.

Why? Lemme tell ya.

Because they don’t hang in for too long.

They’ll do whatever it takes to get what they want i.e- have sex with the girl.

But once the deed is done...Poof. They disappear like Houdini.

And only come back for more in rare cases.

Example of such guys would be…

Ryan Gosling from Crazy Stupid Love or any dude you know who plays the same song on the guitar for every chick that he meets (the only one he knows :p). 

#The Preacher of Art

Hank Moody from the TV Series ‘Californication’…..Anyone?

The musician, the lead guitarist in a band, the writer, the poet, the dancer and I can go on and on…

This personality is complex and hard to decode.

But still, women can’t have enough of it. You know why?

Lemme explain. 

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It’s because they see him as a challenge

He’s almost like a human puzzle...and oh boy! We all much women love mysteries!

But wait… there’s more to this guy.

Women also fall in love with the way he expresses stuff through art.

And here’s a fun fact:

Most ‘artsy guys’ aren’t very dominant in relationships.

That’s coz they aren’t in control of themselves or their emotions.

So naturally, they need a woman who understands them too.

It’s a symbiotic relationship of some sort.

So if you wanna be the preacher of art, women shouldn’t be the only focus in your life.

There’s gotta be something more!

Pick up the guitar, write a novel, or punch a fan in Barcelona like Justin Bieber.

Umm well...did I tell you that not many guys in this category have pleasant personalities?

The Providers

#The Millionaire

Girl’s take one look at them and go, “ Lottery!!! Mr. Marriage Material is here!”

These guys are successful (, drive decent cars and always take women out to expensive diners on the first date.

Talk of special treatment, eh?

Women want them because they bring stability and comfort in their lives.

And let’s face it!

All women want that in the end

Yes, believe it or not…

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she realizes she’s not that young and attractive anymore (usually after they’ve crossed 30).

And they aren’t stupid...they also know that after a certain time, they won’t be able to fool around with any guy they want to.

This is when ‘The Millionaire’ comes to her rescue! Coz he's all she would want in such a situation.

I'm here for ya, milady!

He’s more than willing to get married with her and become a good father to her children.

This could be any Doctor, Lawyer or your Stockbroker guy who has worked his ass off to be where he is.

Most of these guys are good leaders too.

You know what that means?

He makes it easy for the woman to hand over control of the relationship and gives her the comfortable life she’s been lookin for.

But here’s a warning for you... if you wanna be this ​​​​guy!

If you plan on overwhelming her with your success, fine diners and expensive wine..

Don’t expect sex on the first date!

When it comes to these guys, women purposely avoid having sex with them.

In fact, in most cases they even withhold for several dates or until they guy gives them some form of commitment.

And why is that? Lemme explain.

They want to keep the guy around for long! It’s the simple case of survival and replication.

Not happening! She ain't givin it to you so soon.

Here's the complete explanation for this, ​if you're interested in learning more.


It’s best to be this guy if you’ve found the ‘one’ and plan on getting married to her.


Now that you have both sides of coin with make your choice accordingly!

#The Remote Control

‘Who’s that guy who keeps texting you on WhatsApp?’

‘Why are you still on Tinder?’

‘If you go out with your guy friends again, we’re not dating anymore!’

You know this guy! We all do.

He’ll be all insecure and controlling of his girl...get angry at her for the smallest of things...and in extreme cases be abusive too.

And I know what you’re thinking!

‘Why would any woman in the right head, want to be with this guy?

I’ll tell ya.

Because women work in complicated ways!

And some actually get turned on when a guy tries to be controlling and tell them what to do.

Why so serious?

Sounds weird, right? I think so too.

But it’s true. Can’t help that!

The women these guys date might shit-talk and complain about them with the world….but they’ll still stick around.

What I’ve come to observe is this: Some of these dudes actually end up scoring really attractive women.

And I don't have the answer to this. Ask thee almighty!

But there’s an ugly side to these guys, which I’ll share with you now.


In my opinion this is one of the most toxic personalities out there.

And that’s why so many of these guys end up becoming stalkers.

For all you know, they could end up following their girls like a detective all day even if they have the slightest doubts about her.

And seriously...that isn’t cool by any standards.

We here at DateSharp don’t encourage and support this creepy behavior.

And for examples, well I don’t think that’s needed….we all know at least one such douchebag.

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#The Average Joe

Okay before I start, lemme tell ya one thing..

I love this guy. :*

No seriously, I think he’s just so adorable (no homo)

But there’s a problem. Most Women don’t!

He’s the guy a girl doesn’t shy away from introducing to her parents.

He’s down to earth… always loyal to his girl and has stability endorphins floating through his head.

Well if I put it this way- He’s pretty much like the ‘The Millionaire’, only less rich and successful.

That's uncle Joe. Say hi!

This is any of your dad’s middle aged friend (Uncle Joe) who’s been married to a naggy wife who’s always yelling him and lives in small two bedroom apartment.

Well, if you are...or wanna be this guy… There’s something I gotta tell ya.

It’s not gonna be an easy road for you, mate!

Why? The reason’s simple here.

In today’s world, all young and beautiful women have so many exciting options available.

Like you just read, there’s the Adrenaline junkie, the Seductionist, the Millionaire etc etc..

So you being all sweet, caring and nice with women won’t take you far.

Now I’m not saying, you gotta be an asshole to them.

But don’t expect to be rewarded for being ‘Mr Nice Guy’.

The pool of women who’ll want to date you is gonna be pretty limited…

... and the ones which you get will be mostly be dominating and controlling

Talking of women being dominant over men;

#The ‘Nanny’

I don’t even know where to start about these guys- They’re hilarious.

Okay no kidding but….There’s a reason why these category is the last on the list.

And I know you’re itching to know why!.. Hold your horses, champ.

These are the most submissive guys available in the dating market.

Be it their body language or the way they talk to girls, it’s submissive all the way.

They’ll always appear to be nervous and apologize to the slightest shit their girl throws at them.

‘I’m sorry baby, this won’t happen again!’


‘We’ll do whatever you want, sweetie.’

You know what I’m talking about. The self proclaimed sensitive dudes :

And again...why do women wanna be with them?

It’s coz some women are actually controlling and dominant by nature…

… for them it’s always a little ‘fun-time’ dating and keeping such guys around for a while..

In rare cases, women marry such guys too. But in this case, it's pretty obvious that both parties don't get the ‘happy ending’ they’re lookin for.

But seriously!

As a concerned dating coach, lemme tell you this:

If you’ve just begun your journey….I wouldn’t recommend you be such a guy.

Trust me, life is sad for these guys!


But before you decide what kinda personality you wanna be with women..

You’ve got to ask yourself :

‘What am I looking for in a woman?'

Are you looking to have one night stands and want to date multiple women?


You wanna have a long term term relationship and get married?

Here’s what I’d advise…

Start off by getting the ‘Lover’s’ personalities’ into your can always change into a ‘Provider’ later if you wanna settle down.

But hey, that’s just me. You decide for yourself.


Dev Mehta

Dev is a dating coach and enjoys demystifying women for those who can't. But his biggest accomplishment yet is that he has patted 3,276,482 dogs till date. You'll find him learning about human behavior and calling out on society's bullshit whenever he's free.


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