Pro Tips For Handling Rejections


Now there are no second thoughts about this. I’d be lying to you if I said rejection doesn’t hurt.

Oh it does. And hurt is an understatement, it fuckin stings!

If you’re on the journey to get better with dating and women, chances are that you have beared the brunt of getting rejected by girls.

And if you’ve just started out, may the force be with you!

Trust me, I’ve been there. And I know how demeaning it can be when that random girl you approach on the street just moves past you and asks you to ‘get lost.’

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It’s like she cuts you dead, not even caring about who you are.

It’s a tough world out there, especially when you’re in the learning phase.

But hang in there bud, I’m here to help. And together we’ll squeeze the living bits out of rejection and make it powerless in front of you!

But first you gotta know why it feels so painful in the first place.

For that, I’ll have take you back to the times of evolution to tell you why. Read on!

Back in the day, when we were something between modern humans and apes, we lived in large tribes.

And amongst us males, the guys who were considered to be unfit for the tribe, were rejected from the tribe by the tribe chief and were sent away to die in the jungle alone.

Sounds savage. Isn’t it?

I mean c’mon, prehistoric times were hard for humans. Getting kicked out meant that had to search for your own food with nobody to protect you..

... and then there were wild animals who would kill on sight. Back then, surviving alone would be worse than hell.

And the truth is that ...

… Till today our brain is wired in a way that it subconsciously relates rejection with all these bad and fearful things.

Some scientific studies have proved that getting rejected is as painful as getting punched in the stomach. Ouch!

So the bottomline is:

Getting rejected sucks! But it happens.

And after a while you go like...

And wait. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome it!

If you know the real dynamics behind what rejection actually is, it would stop mattering to you completely!

Let’s begin;

First up, you gotta know that when a girl rejects, she rejects your approach and NOT you!

See, sometimes they apologize too!

And their reasons for rejection don’t involve you at all.

For example, the girl who rejected you at the nightclub could have been in a stressed out mood because she got fired from her job.

Or the girl who refused to go on the prom with you, might have already promised somebody else before you.

Either way, did it have anything to do with you?

Hell No!

Then there’s no reason for you to take it personally.

Ask yourself this whenever you get rejected, “Do I have the complete picture or am I just bogging myself down for no reason?”

It’s crazy how so many guys fail to get such a simple thing!

Understand this, there are so many reasons why you can get rejected which don’t involve any part of you at all. So stop beating yourself up!

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Also, know why you are in the game.

Here at DateSharp we believe in striving hard towards the changes we want in life and to keep going until we succeed.

And your dating journey is no exception. Agreed, it does get pretty messed up with women sometimes, but it’s all a part of the game.

You are here to become better and have total control over the kind of dating life you want to build for yourself.

So putting all your eggs in one basket,i.e- crying over a girl who rejected you is really wasting your time and potential for the big goals you have for the future.

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Keep the bigger picture in mind! And realize this;

Nobody who has achieved something worthwhile in life has had it easy.

Walt Disney was rejected more than 200 times and was told his idea of Mickey Mouse was ‘absurd’.

Jay Z was called ‘terrible’ by so many record labels before he made it big in the music industry.

Harrison Ford was told to ‘quit acting’ by critics and he shut them up by giving hits like Indiana Jones and Blade Runner.

The good part about all these stories is that they all end well.

You know why?

Because these guys never let rejections define them..just like you, my friend!

I know it feels hard right now, but rejection just gives you an opportunity to strike back harder and triumph!

But till then:

It’s okay to let loose and chill out.

Setting out to achieve something doesn’t mean you be all focused and aggressive all the time.

To be frank, that’s humanly impossible. We all need breaks from time to time. Sometimes even the best can get tired of facing rejection.

If you’re feeling extremely low because a certain girl you liked rejected you or you’re having a hard time with dating in general, chances are that you’re really close to burning yourself out.

So cut it out and take a break! 

I know, for all you want... nothing will make sense at the time.

Coz getting rejected is something that drains that shit outta you!

So curl up in your blanket on the recliner and watch netflix, play video games or get your boys over for a beer party at yours.

Do whatever you feel like. Pamper yourself for a few days and then get back stronger when you feel better.

But here’s one thing you should be cautious about…

...Don’t slack off too much! Because it is only natural to get carried away in this ‘comfort phase’ where everything is all easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Don’t forget that you still gotta keep learning and moving forward in life. At least until you reach your desired dating goals!

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All in all...

The fact is, that rejection doesn’t change a thing in the world!

What’s the worst thing that can happen if you get rejected?

Absolutely nothing!

Did the sky fall down? No.

On a serious note…

Did you lose anything because of a single rejection. Fuck no!

Did your parents and friends stop loving you because "Emily" refused to go out with you?


So rejections aren’t really a big deal if you get understand that they are just a little part to help you keep learning along your journey.

And if we look at the positive….they keep your humility levels in check.

What do you think about rejections? Tell us in the comments below.

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