What Nobody Tells You About Avoiding The Friendzone


It never hurts to be someone’s friend. - Until that someone is the love of your life.

I know, every guy out there is afraid of the friend zone.

Yet... most fall into it with no idea of how to about avoiding the dreaded friend zone.

But I know ... The pain can be understood by only those who have been there.

I remember that uncomfortable feeling of knowing that you love her from the bottom of your heart yet she can’t see it.

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You meet her daily, talk for hours yet you see yourself getting nowhere.

And you are afraid - You're afraid of losing the friendship you have if you confess your feelings to her. You are trapped in a place where no one cares how you feel. - A pit you can’t get out of.

But you know what?...

Avoiding friendzone is easy!

Way easier than avoiding this..

Yes, that's right.

I've been in the friend zone back in the day and I've learnt from my mistakes.

“You are my best friend…” Her words still ring in my ears.

It happened to me during my college days. The first time I saw her, I adored her - her eyes, her smile, the way she laughed and the way she talked. I knew I was in love.

Every guy was trying to ask her out so I thought I’d take a different approach - And that’s where I made my first mistake.

I became friends with her - I thought I’d be friends with her and make her feel so special that she will fall in love with me - just like they show in the movies!

It's like you have no escape.

But life is not a movie. And soon I was hit by reality. - She started to consider me her ‘best friend’ and even told me about the guys she found cute.

I would always get uncomfortable when she talked about other guys. I would want to hold her, look into the eyes and tell her how much I loved her and the other guys were not even worth her attention.

Months passed and nothing happened between us. I got sick and tired of being her ‘male tampon’.

I decided to risk it all and ask her out.

But before I could do that, she called me up and told me about how she met this ‘basketballer’ guy and how they ended up having ‘the most amazing sex’ in the college basement.

My world fell apart.

When I look back at that incident today, I realize…

YOU put yourself in the friend zone!

I know, you are wondering, “Why would I put myself in the friend zone?”

Lemme help you understand this - Women have many guys chasing her for her attention and she can’t date every one of them.

Similarly if there were fifty women chasing you … some beautiful … some ugly and all of them want a relationship with you.

They are trying their best to "woo" you in some ways or other.

Some are buying you gifts … some are taking you out to dinner … some pay your phone bills …

Even if you are not attracted to some women and you know that you won't go out with them - would you refuse the special treatment?

Women are also humans - They enjoy the validation they get, when guys are doing things for them and are trying to win her.

That's her position. Cut her some slack.

A girl never puts you in the friend zone.

YOU friendzone yourself!

You never show her that you are sexually attracted towards her.

What guys in friendzone do is stick around the girl and try to spend more and more time with her…

... And think that one day she will realize how awesome guy you are and fall in love with you.

Well, I am sorry to burst your bubble but that is NEVER going to happen.

You will definitely land in the dreaded land of friend zone if you just keep dealing with her bull shit without ever telling her what you want from her.

Now I don’t mean to say that you should go and ‘tell’ her what you ‘want’.

Use my “Anti-Friendzone Tips” and let her know that you are here for something more than friendship.

First, never fall for the "I will be friends first and then ask her out” approach.

You must have heard that a guy and a girl should ‘become friends’ and then ‘get to know’ each other before they start to date …

… Bullshit!

Make your intent clear ...

That shit works only in romantic novels and movies.

When you meet the girl you want to date, you somehow have to show her that you are sexually attracted to her.

And no.. Don’t tell her she has amazing boobs and you’d like to fuck her. No matter how honest, that kind of thinking will never get you laid.

Simple statements like, ‘We should go out together sometime.’ or ‘You are interesting, I’d like to know you more.’ show that you are interested in her.

You keep beating around the bush thinking she, somehow will notice your ‘nice guy’ act and fall in love with you.

That’s not gonna happen. Even if the girl knows that you like her, she will think that you are such a pussy who can’t even man up and ask her out.

Hiding our intention is our default reaction when it comes to dating.

But…… Making your intent clear is the first step to let her know that you are a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it.

‘But how do I make my intent clear?’

Here's what you should do.

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Get Flirty ...

Flirting is one of the most important weapon in your arsenal.

Give her a funny nickname like ‘muffin’ or ‘troublemaker’ and tease her when she does something stupid.

And don’t fret about giving every girl a ‘unique’ nickname. You can just use one nickname on every girl. It doesn't matter what you call her. You can nickname her Tyrannosaurus Rex and it’ll still work.

Don’t be afraid of complimenting her - but don’t compliment her like a friend.

Here's how a friend compliments:

“Hey, that’s an amazing dress.”

“Nice perfume.”

How you should compliment her:

“Hey, you look beautiful today.”

“I love the way you smell.”

Did you notice how the way you compliment makes a difference?

When you compliment in a simple way, it doesn't stand out. If you make it more descriptive and personal, it will sound way more genuine.

So start flirting right away.

Get Touchy-Feely ...

Don’t be afraid of touching her.

Yea, that’s right!

Many of my students are so scared that they don't even touch the girl in a non-sexual way.

And that is where they mess up their chances.

In fact, sometimes they get so awkward and jittery around the girl that even the girl starts to wonder ... What's wrong with him? ... Why is he always nervous?

Do you feel nervous or jittery when you are out with your guy friends?

Have you ever hesitated in high-fiving or hugging a bro?

The truth is, touch communicates that two people are close. It’s the same with the girl.

If you want her to see you in a sexual way, you have to get her familiar to your touch.

When you don’t touch her at all, you are showing her that you are not sexually attracted towards her.

Yes, that’s what you are telling her. - “I don’t want you!”

Now, I’m not telling you to touch her butt or grope her just because you don’t want to end up in the friendzone - Instead, use subtle ways of touch to communicate that you like her.

For example, you can start with giving her high-fives, punching her on her shoulder just like you’d do to a guy friend or hugging her.

Basically touch her the way you would touch any normal person.

And then gradually touch her in a way that would show her you are more than a friend.

For example, whenever you are crossing the road or in the elevator, lead her in by her lower back softly.

Simple. Isn’t it?

Next up, you can start holding her hand while walking, crossing the roads, etc.

You can even hold her hand when she is sitting next to you.

I know what you are thinking “What if she pulls her hand back when I do that?

”You could just use an excuse! Say, ‘Oh! I see you have tiny hands. Lemme see!’

And then, take a look at her hand and keep holding it.

I know!

It sounds like a lame excuse, but I also know that it works. Women don’t want you to create perfect moments or say perfect words, they just want a moment where you both are comfortable with each other.

See the savagery?

You can even do some palm reading if you know how to.

And if you don’t you can just go online and read about the lines on our palms. It becomes really fun when after two or three interesting facts, you can add your naughty comments and blame it on the lines of her palm.

That way you will come off as a witty and knowledgeable man! (if you don’t know how to palm read, you can always take a very basic, very quick course online just to show you aren’t faking ALL of it)

The whole point is that you just need some excuse to hold her hand - get the drill?

And when you touch her, she gets to know that you are a guy who likes to ‘touch’ her a lot and is sexually interested in her.

Now which guy would want to touch her again and again - not a friend for sure!

You get me?

These small things communicate your sexual interest to the girl. And let her know that you are not a guy who just wants to be her ‘Friend’.

Other than this, biggest mistake which guys make is:

They Wait Too Long To Ask Her Out

And when they lose the girl to another guy, they’re like:

“I didn’t want to ruin the friendship we had.”

Don't be this guy^

Don’t forget that you were never there to be her friend in the first place.


It takes only a moment of courage to tell her that you’d like to go with her but it saves a ton of frustration in the future.

And it becomes clear to her that friendship is something you are not looking for.

When I tell you to ‘ask her out’ you don’t have to make it a big deal about it.

You don’t have to make it a grand affair like they show in the romantic comedy movies.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect moment.

The idea is just to let her know.

A line which has worked amazingly for me over the years goes something like this:

“Hey (name of the girl). I’ve really been enjoying talking to you/your company since we’ve met and I’d like to know you more. Let’s hang out for coffee sometime!”

Use this line!

It works like magic because it doesn’t sound too formal and conveys that you like her.

Yes, its that simple.

If she says yes... you go on an amazing date, get engaged, get married, have fun, have kids, file for a divorce and sign alimony cheques for the rest of your life.

But trust me, that life is still way better than living in friend zone where you just cry about how much you love her, watch porn, wank off and go to sleep.

The bottom line here is that if you are friendzoned, it is because YOU haven’t showed her what you want from her. - You haven’t asked her out.

Remember, avoiding the friend zone is up to you!

So what are you gonna do? Still wanna go around expecting that some girl will like you and not put you in friend zone?

Follow these tips. They show the girl that you like her and you are not the guy who is just a ‘FRIEND’.

As a man, it is your responsibility to lead her - nobody else will do it for you!

Check out the book we've written that will teach you all the concepts of being the 'leader' women can't help get attracted to!

Who do you think is responsible when a guy is in friendzone?

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