Our Story


If you’ve been following my posts lately, you know how I keep rambling about the fact…

… that getting good with dating women is a journey!

A journey that changes and transforms your inner being and makes you a real man.

A journey that has its highs and lows, but still takes you to your happy place.

There’s a reason I keep hammering out such stuff to you guys!

Wanna know?

Fasten your seatbelt… coz there’s a roller coaster of amazing information coming your way…

Ever heard of the concept of the ‘Hero’s Journey’ by Joseph Campbell?

Now I know this might sound like greek and latin for some of you fellas.

But don’t worry… I’ll give you the gist.

So the ‘Hero’s Journey’ is a common template for all success stories. And it follows a simple pattern:

There’s always a crisis that makes the Hero start a journey of adventure.

On the journey he faces his deepest, darkest fears which test him.

He finally defeats them and comes back home as a changed personality.

Even if you don’t know or the understand this concept, I’m dead sure that you’ve seen stuff built around it it.

Books are written around it. Movies are directed based on this template.

Oh yeah!

In fact, hollywood swears by this. Look at movies like The Karate Kid, Harry Potter or the Matrix series!

And try and recall the plot.

In all these movies there’s a hero who starts his journey, faces challenges along the way, overcomes them...and by the end comes out victorious.

See the common pattern?

Now why am I telling you this?

Here’s the thing.

Thanks to Mr. Campbell, this ‘Hero’s Journey’ template isn’t limited to movies and novels.

It’s pretty applicable to every person on this planet who has achieved great success in life.

Read up autobiographies of all prominent people in the world, you’ll find out that the storyline is pretty similar!

Yes. They’ve all faced setbacks and fallen from time to time.

But you know what? You’ll love this.

The hero always wins in the end! And you can too.

So before I tell you our stories and what got us here to build DateSharp…

...I want you to know that your journey is special!

I don’t care what problems you’re facing right now… but if you have the balls to keep going till you walk through till the end…

Success is right there waiting for you!

My Story

Remember that kid back in school who stayed all by himself, was scared to talk to anyone and had no friends?

The one everyone called ‘weirdo'.

That was me!

And mind you, I wasn’t just weird. I was skinny and weak too.

You know what that meant? Lemme tell you.

I would always be the one who was bullied and beaten up by the ‘bad guys’.

I used to look for places to hide, so that they wouldn’t find me and cry because I was so scared of everyone and everything.

And girls? I sucked even more with them.

They gave me that ‘eww’ look from meters away.

Let alone a girlfriend… having a girl say a normal ‘hi’ to me was a big thing back then!

“What was wrong with me?”

“Why did all my friends have girlfriends and I was still lonely?”

These questions kept me awake at nights.

Shit kept building up inside me and I was frustrated to the point of going insane.

I had known the pain of being lonely for very long and with passing time, it just grew stronger.

And it’s not like I didn’t try.

Back in high school, I mustered up the courage to go up to my crush and asked her out …

… And she shot me down.

“Let’s just be friends” – She said.

She was my first ‘girl’ friend. And in no time, I became her best ‘guy’ friend.

Because I knew she was the only girl who had ever talked to me, I valued her like a fuckin diamond.

I spent all my pocket money in getting her cards and presents and even helped her with homework… yet I had no luck.

Things between us were far from sexual. She would always say,

“You are such an awesome guy, I want my boyfriend to be like you.”

This feeling...ouch!

A week later, she started seeing someone.

I hated her boyfriend. He was a bully and would make fun of everyone. Not surprisingly, I was one of his easy targets.

A couple of days later she called me up and told me how she lost her virginity to him.

I was finished. I felt like someone had punched me in the gut.

It sucked the life out of me – I was restless …

… “Why someone else?”
… “Why not me?”

I never got any answers.

Things got a little better in college...

I somehow managed to get a girlfriend. And if I show you her picture today, you’ll probably go :

“That ugly thing was your girlfriend?”

But I was a horny teen. I just wanted to lose my virginity back then.

So, I had sex with her but after a while, even she cheated on me…

Not once.. but so many times that I lost count!

She would go… fuck other guys… and then come back and say sorry.

I was naïve. She was all I had – Other women wouldn’t even look at me.

So, I would take her back. Every fucking time!

Why was I suffering so much? Was it my fault?

I couldn’t have felt more helpless at that time.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. I put my foot down and ended things with her!


This time, I was determined become good with women and was ready to do whatever it takes.

I looked up on the internet and was lucky to find a forum about dating and lifestyle development.

I joined it with no second thoughts...

… and people there helped me understand how to approach women.

I started to go out to approach women and was looking for somebody who was as dedicated as me …

… That’s when Dev came along.

He sent me a message on the same forum and I got my wingman.

Dev’s Story

Ever seen a regular guy with a super hot girlfriend?

The one other guys get jealous of and say, “How did this fucker manage to get that bombshell!’

I was that guy!

Yes, she could have anyone… but she chose me.

You know the girl I am talking about.

Angelic face, long hair and the prettiest eyes in the world.

She made my heart go swalala

I couldn’t complain; I too, had the best relationship ever.

The one all about goodnight messages, teddy bears and red love heart shaped stuffed toys.

I loved her to death and she loved me too (at least I thought so!)


She cheated on me!

The relationship I gave everything to, died right in front of my own eyes.

Why? How could this happen to a guy like me?

I was one of those guys who people would call ‘the best boyfriend’. I had always given my best to the relationship.

I bought her flowers, took her out to dinners, paid her bills and what not.

All in the hope of getting married to her someday, move to the beautiful countryside and start a family with her!

But …

She was sleeping around with some guy I never knew existed!

I was shocked!

On my 22nd birthday, my plan was to ask her out for marriage.

I had planned a big surprise for her – big bundle of roses, king sized teddy bear and a diamond ring that I bought for her using all my savings.

But I was unaware of what was about to happen.

Most of my friends had arrived at my place for my birthday party. Everyone was having fun but she was nowhere to be seen.

I was about to propose to her – but where was she?

So, I went upstairs to look for her.

And as I entered my room, the love of my life was in bed with some random guy who came to the party.

Burn in hell, biatch!

I felt crushed. The pain was beyond getting kicked in the balls


But you know what the worst part was?

In the three years of the picture-perfect relationship I was in, we never had sex.

She would always say, ‘I want to save it for our marriage.’

And this made things worse.

I started questioning what had happened. And why it happened.

“What did that guy have and I didn't?” – such questions popped up in my head.

I was in depression for a year before I finally decided to learn the skill of getting better with women.

I started to search online …

… ‘How to impress women?’
… ‘How to attract women?’

I read dating advice columns in magazines but but it was all bullcrap, telling me shit like- Be nice, wear good clothes, buy her flowers, etc.

I was already doing that and we all know how that turned out!

I turned to my friends for help – No one knew.

Everyone was a relationship expert but nobody even had a girlfriend. I couldn’t trust their advice!

I’d spend countless nights on the internet searching about it and making notes.

I was hurt… And I didn’t mind burning bridges if I had to, in order to get good with girls.

And my wish was granted!

One day I came across an online forum where people discuss how to get better at life and women.

This seemed like the real deal – Men would actually go out and write down their experiences of approaching women.

I joined it.

An amazing transformation was underway!

It's time for mayhem.

There was a guy in my city who was going out and approaching women. I got motivated by reading his posts and sent him a message on the forum – his username was ‘storm’.

On the other side of the screen, Amitoj was reading my message.

The Aftermath

So now you know how we started!

And nope. If you’re thinking that we had it all easy-peasy after after starting out…

… You can’t be more wrong! Because boy, it was hard.

We got rejected.

Had our share of panic attacks because we were too scared to approach.

People made fun of us because we were approaching women on the streets and malls.

All that was still okay, you know the worst part...

… Even our friends judged us and called us names like ‘despos’ ‘sex addicts’ and what not.

We fuckin lost our childhood friendships.

And why? Just because we wanted to get good with women.

But Dev and I had each other and our goals were clear.

So we kept pushing…

… And look where we are today!

We’ve been fortunate to date so many beautiful women- Strippers, Models, Airhostesses. You name it!

Yeah baby.

Then we’ve had threesomes, foursomes, orgies and so many other crazy experiences people won’t even believe are real.

We have a kickass social circle and friends who love and support us for what we do.

Now I could go on and on… But here’s the best part:

We’re livin the dream- Helping out guys like you realize their true potential and become what women really want.

And that’s why we built DateSharp and wrote an entire book , Daygame Decoded, which teaches you everything about approaching and dating the women you want, just like we did!

There’s no better feeling! Trust me.

And wait...there’s something more important I’ll tell ya before I finish.

You could sympathize with us all you want but…

We’re not at all sorry for what happened!

In fact, we’re grateful. Lemme rephrase it. Extremely grateful.

Had this stuff not happened… would we have the drive and passion to get so much better? Never.

We would just be regular guys having no clue about women and dating.

We're happy and you know it 😉

Dev would probably be a boring married guy living in the countryside, with a naggy wife and three children. LOL

..And I?

I don’t know, actually.

Maybe I’d still be frustrated. Still be depressed… wanking my way to glory over pornhub. Who knows?


You gotta know the reason why we’ve shared such personal details from our lives.

And that’s coz...

We want you to tell us your story!

Yes, how has your dating journey been like?

What are the obstacles you faced..?

… and how did you get past them?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve reached where you want to or are struggling midway.

Tell us in the comments, we’re here to listen and help you.

And wait... Let’s make this a little more fun.

We’ll feature the best stories in future posts. So what are you waiting for?


Dating Coach by profession. Writer by heart. Amitoj spends his free time gobbling on chicken wings and convincing people that he's a reincarnation of Shakespeare.


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