How to Be The Funny Guy She Wants (Even if You Think You’re Not Funny)


I’m sick and tired of hearing this dating tip all the time - ‘funny guys get laid a lot’.


Even if you ask a girl, ‘What is the number one thing you look for in a guy?’, Most of the time they say, ‘sense of humor.’

I’m telling you, if that was true, every struggling comedian out there would be having threesomes all the time.

And I’d be recommending everyone to go and do a stand up.

But what is sense of humor?

The truth is, it isn’t same for everyone - one thing might be funny for you...

... while I might find it lame.

You could mug up hundred of jokes but everyone is not going to find your jokes funny!

So get this straight;

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Humor Does Not Get You Laid.

Wit does.

If you’re witty, not only is she going to find you funny, but it’ll also show her that you are intelligent!

And intelligence, is sexy! (and rare too)

Saying the right thing at the right time… that’s what wit is about.

Women adore guys who can make even boring situations fun …

… and that, my friend, comes with wit!

So today I’m gonna teach you to be witty in everyday situations with these 4 simple tips!

Let’s get to it!

#Rename her

We’ve been giving weird nicknames to our friends since school.

Remember that girl with curly hair who you’d call ‘Ramen’?

Or the sweaty footballer you’d call ‘water tap.’

Giving absurd nicknames to girls shows off your witty side and it makes them laugh.

It’s not even tough …

… You just gotta notice something different about her and name her with that.

For example, if she’s wearing pink, you could tell her, ‘you know what, I like your dress, I’m gonna call you Pinkety Poo.’

I know it might sound absurd, but that’s the idea - be witty with a splash of stupidity.

Now every time you call her ‘Pinkety Poo’, she’ll remember the time you first called her that and you’ll both have a little inside joke.

And don’t take pressure of coming up with the perfect name - just roll with whatever comes to your mind.

I met a girl named Helen, who was wearing a floral print dress and a beach hat. When I looked at her, I could totally feel the relaxed feeling of Hawaii.

Guess what I named her?

“Hawaiian Helen.” 

That's her!

Funny nicknames not only make her laugh, but also make you stand out from the other guys who hit on her.

Because instead using crappy or cheesy lines on her, you actually engaged her in having fun with you!

And this is gonna make her feel comfortable with you way quickly.

This will work even if you’ve known the girl for a while.

Just remember - Be spontaneous. Be fun!

#Be Ridiculous

Yes, that’s right.

The best way to come across as a ‘funny-attractive’ guy to women is to be ridiculous.

But with confidence!

If you keep thinking about how to be funny or how to make her laugh - you’ll definitely screw up.

Good humor comes out when you’re relaxed and not worried about what to say.

So loosen up!

What I mean is that you need to stop overthinking about the things that come out of your mouth.

A great way to be ridiculous is what I call, ‘the art of funny exaggerations.’

The drill is simple, listen to whatever she says and exaggerate it to ridiculous levels.

Lemme give you an example, if she says, “I like tall guys!”

You’d say, “Ahh, tall guys! It’ll be so much fun if you get married to a tall guy and then you wouldn’t have to watch news for weather updates. He could easily tell you what the weather is like up there. And you’ll never have to get down on your knees.” 😉

You see what I did there? All she gave me was a sentence and I made it ridiculous.

The reason I keep telling my students that it’s simple, because you don’t have to think of anything - in a way, the girl gives you the topic served on a silver platter.

All you gotta do is, run that motor mouth!

Just like that!

This example will make it clearer;

I was at a bar and I saw this cute girl. I approached her and we hit it off.

When she ordered for a diet coke, I started to tease her, “Diet coke huh?"

"So you’re the one that eats a large pizza with extra cheese without sharing and then brownies and ice cream. - And then you’ll drink diet coke to stay fit!”

She cracked up laughing and said, ‘I can’t even imagine how you came up with that!’

Make sure you say that in a fun tone.

Because right now it might sound like being mean to someone, but when you say with with a smile on your face, it’s the best exaggeration you can do!

And be careful - don’t go overboard!

So many guys don’t know where to draw the line and end up making fun of people.

Remember, everybody likes jokes but only when they are not about them!

Now let’s be honest, when you start practicing this, you won’t become an ‘exaggeration pro’ right away. And you might even sound lame at times.

But … That’s alright!

When it comes to attracting a girl, it’s not about what you say - but how you say it.

And with practice, that motor mouth of yours, is gonna make every girl laugh and wet at the same time 😉

I've explained this in great detail in our book, Daygame Decoded.

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#Marry her

Nah… Just kidding!

I’m talking about doing fun roleplays with her.

Roleplays are just have to create stories with her in which you both are together. They could be totally bullshit and untrue.

..but here’s the’ve got to make them funny!

The one I like to do the most with my girls is actually pretending to be a married couple..and it works amazingly well!

That’s because girls love to fantasize about their prince charming who comes riding on a horse and sweeps them off their feet.

But does that ever happen in real life?


Now that gives you a perfect opportunity to be her prince charming and make a funny situation out of it.

And how do you do that?

Simple… Start behaving like you guys are already married.

For example, if you’re walking with her on the street, randomly hold her hand and stop the first stranger you see.

Say “Hi, we just got married... Congratulate us!”

And don’t worry about what the stranger might say...most people aren’t rude to a newly married couple! 😉

I said this once to an old woman when I was fooling around with one of my girls..and you won’t believe what happened!

The old woman did a little prayer of blessing for us. It was really sweet.

Afterall, you are the guy telling everybody that she is married to you;)

Next, you can go a step ahead and get her to invest in your little saying stuff like..

“So honey, where do we go for our honeymoon? I think we could rent a hut in the European Alps. Wouldn’t it be perfect?”

She’ll then tell you about her honeymoon fantasies and you can continue the role play however you like..

Tell her about the mind blowing sex you’ll have… or how you two will have the cutest twins… to what you’d name them.

...And in her mind you’ll be the funny guy who almost got married to her!

It always doesn’t have to be marriage. You can play around however you like.

If she’s a doctor, you can be her love patient... If she is a lawyer, be her judge… so on!

More on this with examples in our book, Daygame Decoded.

But here’s the catch.

The more she invests and builds on your little role plays, the better romantic connection you guys will make.

Amazing right! You kill two birds with one stone 😉

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#Be the teaser

A little leg pulling never hurt anyone.

Women love men who constantly challenge them.

That’s why you see boring guys land in the friendzone, because they're always nice and agree to whatever the girl says.

So if you keep teasing her a little here and there, she’ll always be on her toes when you’re around.

All you gotta do is tease her by calling her out on things!

For example, if your girl likes McDonald’s and you spot a fat guy, you can tease her out of nowhere by telling her;

“Damn, that guy looks like he ate a whole McDonald's outlet! You must love him! I can already see you making McBabies with him!”

In case you're wondering how McBabies are made...

Most of the time, when you say something like this she’ll laugh and defend herself and you can just tease her a bit more and then give her a hug.

But lemme tell you this - there’s a thin line between teasing her like a lover and teasing her like a bully.

You don’t want to come off as the latter!

Be creative with the things you say but don’t insult her in any way.

Never tease her about her body or things that might be close to her because that’s gonna make you look like a jerk.

Now you can take this fun game to another level and judge other people together.

Just like Henry Rollins said, “Nothing brings people together more, than mutual hatred.”

Oh it does!

It might sound a little evil, but it’s fun.

And it’s ok to share this guilty pleasure with her.

You could make fun of the weird lady in the elevator… or your college professor… or the random stoner guy on street.

You can make fun of anything!

My girl back in college loved making fun of girls who put on too much make-up, I sensed that and started making fun of those girls.

She joined in and it became one of our inside jokes whenever we saw someone with makeup on.

And that brought us a lot closer.

But again…

Be careful with this one! You’d want to do this when you and your girl are alone so that the jokes and the insults stay between you two.

Don’t go on making fun of people in front of them. You want to end up with attracting your girl and not with a black eye.


These tips will keep her wanting more of your wit and humor.

But let me warn you!

Being witty is not a one time comes with practice, patience and the most important thing…..timing!

One really great book I’d recommend to help you with your timing is ‘Comedy Writing Secrets’ by Melvin Helitzer.​

If you still feel you need more ideas and doubt that you can pull off these tips, start watching stand-up comedy and pay special attention to how comedians use their timing to perfection!

One great stand up you must watch is ‘Almost Famous’ by comedian, Russell Peters.

In the end, it all comes down to one question..

Do you really want to be the guy who just makes her laugh or be the awesome guy who attracts her with his sense of humor.?

You decide!

Let me know how these tips worked for you in the comments section below.


Dating Coach by profession. Writer by heart. Amitoj spends his free time gobbling on chicken wings and convincing people that he's a reincarnation of Shakespeare.


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