4 Sure Shot Signs That She is Into You


Let's say there's a girl, but you're not sure if she likes you. Sometimes she'll act flirty with you and sometimes even she touches you. But you don't what she meant by that touch.

And you wonder "Does she like me or not?"

Then one day you wake up to a ‘good morning text’ with a heart emoji next to it and you smile. You are happy because it is from that girl you like!

Then you realize, she sends such messages to everyone.

And you are confused! You want to find out …

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… Are you special to her?

You know, in a study, National Institute of Mental Health found out that men are dumb!

Nah.. I'm just fucking with you.

The study by NIMH revealed that 70% of the time, men are unable to read the romantic signals by women. ​

Can you believe that? 70 fucking percent!

That means 70% of the time we are missing important signals from women!

I don't like that ...

You and I are going to change that right now.

I’m gonna tell you how to know if she likes you.

And I’m not gonna tell you simple things like ‘she is touching her hair’ or ‘she is teasing and complimenting you’ because she can be touching her hair for ‘n’ number of reasons and we tease and compliment our friends too.

These signs, well, you can’t just misread them. There is no grey area. It’s either black or white.

So let’s dive into it.

#1 Eye Contact

I know, you must’ve noticed me talking about eye contact a lot and I keep repeating it because it is THAT important in the world of dating.

It is one of the basics that you need to master.

And if your basics are clear and your foundation is right, there isn't anything that’s gonna stop you from becoming the best.

But this is not about maintaining eye contact. It is about reading it.

In humans, eye contact is the ultimate symbol of attraction.

Did you know: Even babies maintain eye contact with people they like?

As we grow up we lose the habit of making eye contact, but when it comes to women and someone they like, their carnal desires take over and they maintain badass eye contact.

So if she maintains eye contact while you guys are talking and doing other stuff, she is interested. Now it’s your job to keep it that way.

And if you keep trying to read eye contact soon enough you’ll be able to notice an amazing thing:

You will notice her pupils dilate as she talks to you! Now you won't notice it right away, but one day, you will.

And it’s sorta cool.

As far as eye contact goes, nobody got it right like my man Shakespeare.

He said this long ago, ‘The eyes are window to the soul’.

If she is looking through the window of your soul, don’t worry if she likes you or not. Instead try thinking about how you’re gonna ask her out 😉

#2 She Shares

Yea, if the girl shares the last slice of pizza, marry her!

I’m kidding!

Lemme tell you something, when we humans are attracted to someone, we share stuff about our personal lives.

If you feel that she always has time for you, talks to you about her day, letting you know about various things that happened, maybe that day or in past - she is just trying to let you in!

This incident that happened few months ago will make it clearer.

I had this one student who shared a desk with a pretty girl at work. Now this guy was well off and was doing good in life, but when it came to women, he used to overthink a lot.

One day he said, ‘Dev, I really like this girl but I think I am friendzoned.’

‘Why?’ I asked.

His answer surprised me!

He said, ‘She keeps talking to me all day telling me about how her school and college life was, what she did after work… and all.’

She even told him how bored she gets after office hours since she is not dating anyone.

After listening to his rant, I told him to ask her for drinks after work.

He was extremely nervous, but I said I’d kill him if he didn't.

He did. And it’s been 8 months and they are still together.

Sharing about personal life is a woman’s way of telling you that she wants you in her life. And if your girl is doing it - she likes you.

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#3 She Wants To Know About You & Your Life

Answer me this, do you know how life is for that fat girl who lives in your neighborhood?

No, you don’t. Because it isn’t worth your time!

We all are busy in our lives, we have so much to do.

I bet you’d want to spend your time watching your favorite TV show rather than trying to know someone you are not interested in.

Thanks to cellphones, we don’t even have time for the person sitting next to us - so if she is not interested, she won’t give a damn about what you are doing with your life.

And it is way more difficult for women as they have many more thoughts in their mind than men.

Despite all that, if she asks you about your dreams, your family or asks you if you are single, appreciates and motivates you - she likes you my man!

When she likes you, she wants to know you better and will ask you personal questions to see if you are what she is looking for.

#4 She Touches You

Leo Buscaglia aka Dr. Love once said, ‘Too often we underestimate the power of touch…’

And he was damn right. Lemme put it like this, if she is not interested in you, she is never going to touch ANY part of your body deliberately.

Women are very sensitive to touch. They try and avoid physical contact with people, especially men.

And if someone unwanted touches her, she is gonna lose her mind.

So if the girl is touching you - you are in!

It can be in any form, she could be…

… playfully punching your shoulder when you tease her … touching your chest while laughing at your joke… squeeze your hand a little every now and then…

She isn’t going to do that with every other guy out there!

So if she is putting those sexy little hands on you, she likes the fuck out of you.

Now understand this carefully, you gotta bring all this together.

If you are getting at least three out of the four signs mentioned above - you can ask her out.

And women are not robots made up with coded algorithms! - they are nice and normal human beings.

You just gotta keep your eyes and ears open and use some common sense.

Sometimes it is us. Yea, it is us men who complicate things by overthinking.

The next time you are wondering if she likes you or not - you know what to look for and then you can show middle finger to the study by National Institute of Mental Health.

Any doubts? - head over to the comment section down below and I will clear them up.

Also, we've written a book which will give you in-depth knowledge about how you can attract, date or get laid with any woman you desire. Check it out here right now!

Dev Mehta

Dev is a dating coach and enjoys demystifying women for those who can't. But his biggest accomplishment yet is that he has patted 3,276,482 dogs till date. You'll find him learning about human behavior and calling out on society's bullshit whenever he's free.


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