5 Easy Ways To Become Popular In College And Get Girls


College days - the most amazing time of our life. And who doesn't dream of sleeping with those college hotties?

And once you are done reading this, you’ll be able to make your dream come true.

Do you know what is the most common questions asked by my young students?

… “How do I become the chick magnet in college?”

... "How can I approach girls in college?

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They dream of having an amazing social circle, they want to be popular amongst the girls … and they want to be the “cool dude” in college.

They go to the college with hope in their heart and master plans in their mind.

But, most of the times, all of their hopes and plans go down the drain and they become an average face in the crowd.

It’s sad. But do you know what do they do wrong?

They try to pick up chicks

I know, I know. It sounds weird but understand this;

Guys go gaga over ‘approaching’ the girl they like, as if they’ll never see her again.

They forget that time is by their side and they will be bumping into her very soon.

You know, I still remember a guy from my good old college days. He was a really nice fellow and he was a fun guy to hang out with.

But he was also known as the creepiest guy of the college.


Because he was picking up chicks as if they were on the streets. He just went on approaching every hot girl he laid his eyes on - and that too everyday!

Soon, everyone started to think that he was nothing more than a desperate guy - he had become a joke.

So what you should do so that you don’t end up like the guy above?

First of all;

Picking up girls in college is a game of patience.

Don't be this guy!

Yes, you read that right. In college, you don’t have to hurry up and approach all the girls that you like.

You need to understand that there’s a great chance you’ll run into her again since you are in same campus.

You gotta change the way you look at college game.

When we are out to game on streets or in a nightclub, we have this mindset of approaching a girl the moment you see her - because you might never see that girl again.

But in college, it’s a different story. Here, you need to think like a farmer:

And what does the farmer do?

He sows the seed, gives it water and nutrition. And then waits for the plant to grow so he can harvest it.

Similarly, you have to invest your energy in building a good social circle so you come off as a guy who is chilled out and is always having fun with his group.

And when you do that, even the girls will want to join your group.

I know what you are thinking …

… “Where do I start?”

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here is how to do it:

Socialize. Socialize. Socialize.

Yes, greet everyone you meet with a warm smile. Don’t be afraid of smiling.

Talk to the students, be it a guy or a girl. Talk to them, tell them the cool things that you know about your campus.

For example, once you have exchanged names, and you think that the person looks like a sports fan, you can say,

‘Hey did you check out the football field. I’ve heard it’s amazing!’

Or is someone comes off as a nerd, you can talk about the massive library in the college.

And then if you feel that the conversation is going good, you can follow it up by pitching in the idea of checking out the football field or the library together.

Get it?

The point is to be, ‘the-social-guy-who-likes-talking-to-everyone’.

But sometimes you can’t find anything to talk about with some people - what do you do then?

You look. Yes, people always show their personality with the kind of clothes they wear, the kind of car they drive, etc.

If you feel that someone looks geeky, talk to them about geeky stuff like Star Wars or something.

And if someone looks like they play video games, talk to them about the games they play, the consoles they own etc. or ask for a movie suggestion.

If someone looks like a fashion enthusiast, ask them for fashion advice!

At this point, it doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or a guy next to you. Smile. Say hello, introduce yourself and have a follow up statement ready. Just like the idea of checking out football field together.

You can literally talk about anything.

When you think about it, talking to lots of people at the campus looks like a massive task but when you go and actually do it, it’s pretty simple.

Once you start becoming social with people, more and more people will start to recognize you and approach you themselves as well.

And never get scared of the jacked dudes. Remember, they are our ‘Gym Bros’.

Smile, and talk to them about bodybuilding, complement them by saying something like, “Nice guns bro. I understand how much time, effort and dedication you must have put in to get at this level. Respect.”

Trust me, they will love it. And they can actually be your ‘Gym Bro’ and help you with your gym and diet!

You never know what a simple ‘hello!’ can lead to.

When you begin, don’t expect everyone to respond to you. Sometimes people are not ready to socialize and it’s their problem. You don’t have to worry about it.

If out of ten people, even six have great conversation with you, you will become a social ninja in no time.

Don't say this though 😉

And your new friends might even introduce you to their friends. So always be open to meeting new people. That’s how you expand your social circle.

With time, all the other people will themselves want to talk to you.

Even the girls will notice your social skills. They’ll come to know that everyone likes to talk to this guy.

And when you finally talk to a girl, she will be more than happy to talk to you because … she has been waiting for it. She will happy that ‘the social guy’ has talked to her. Because women want to be with someone who is popular and is respected … just like back in the tribal days.

And if nothing else, you won't come off as a creepy guy at least!

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Build a solid friend circle

Now since you are one of the most social person in college, you are in this amazing position to choose the people you want to hang out with.

Bring together the people you have fun with. The ‘Gym Bro’ you are friends with … why not introduce him to that football player you hang out with?

Now you will be the guy who is bringing people together. - You will be viewed as a leader who is leading his tribe. - The true alpha of the group.

And when you are introducing people and making a friend circle, make sure your friend circle is not a sausage fest!

Yes, don’t be afraid to introduce girls to your group. Don’t be that guy who just wants to keep all the girls to himself and never introduces them to his group.

Understand this: The more girls you introduce to your social circle, the more all the guys will want to join your social circle. And they know, to join your circle they must respect you.

When you have the respect of guys in your campus, even more girls will want to talk to you: the social guy who everyone respects 🙂

It will make more and more people join your friend circle.

Make plans and invite everyone to hang out somewhere out of the college.

Take charge and have a great friend circle. It increases your value like anything.

Indulge in ‘extra-curricular activities to get some extra ‘action’.

Every college has these ‘clubs’ in the name of extracurricular activities.

You know what? … Nothing gets your ‘laid-o-meter’ up like these clubs.

It could be anything - the soccer team, the drama club or social welfare club, etc.

The point is to expose yourself to more and more people in different scenarios - and extra curricular activities are the best way to do so.

And the more women you meet, higher are your chances of you getting laid.

You can do anything!

One of my students enrolled himself in 5 extra curricular activities and you won’t even believe how many girls he slept with in that single semester!

Twelve. 12 girls, in a span of few months.

He said, “It’s very simple, if I am good at something, I do it in the best way and people at the club respect me. If I am not good at something, I exaggerate things and do it in a very funny way which makes people laugh and they love me.”

All he did way put himself out in the limelight and owned his personality.

And he got laid.

Like we always say, girls want a guy who is comfortable in his own skin.

So you get the idea?

Just exposing yourself to situations where you can interact with girls can work in great favor for you.

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Detoxify your social media

What is the first thing we do when we become friends with someone in college?

We check out their social media.

Yea, we connect on Facebook, Instagram and what not. And we check out their pictures.

And we all have posted some embarrassing shit on social media at some time - those posts are toxic to your image!

Since you are going to become a social guy, everyone is going to check your profile and haters might even try to find your embarrassing pictures from past.

That picture of yours where you have passed out in a toilet. Not cool bro.

Delete it. And delete all the pictures that you think might look inappropriate.

Even if you have to delete most of your pictures, do it. And if someone at college asks you about your social media, tell them something like, “I believe in living and experiencing moments rather than being busy capturing and sharing them!”

If you’ve taken care of your social media, you will be relaxed when you are sharing it with a hot girl. Because we both know, she is gonna stalk you. 😉 

She is going to stalk the fuck out of you!

Once you have all the social proof, it’s time to get yourself a girl.

Approach a girl and exchange numbers, text her, call her and flirt with her. And then suggest plans to ‘catch up’ out of the college.

But remember, if you want to sleep with multiple girls in college, never talk about your dating life. Let it be a mystery. Don’t brag in front of your bros about how nice that pussy was.

So even if you are sleeping with a girl, don’t be too physical in college. Because if you start making things look too sexual with one girl, people will start assuming that you guys have a thing and your chance of getting other girls is tanked.

Time to bring it all together

College years are a time when a lot of things are changing in our lives. The ‘teens’ are about to get over and we are right on the edge of becoming adults.

We are excited and confused at the same time as life brings us so many opportunities.

We want to do something different and we are open to experiment with new things!

Even the girls are ready to be approached by guys...

... experience new life and explore their fantasies.

You gotta make the most of it!

So focus on becoming the most social guy and build a solid friend circle.

Be the leader and take charge. - from there, everything is downhill.

Women will be attracted to you even before you utter a word.

All you gotta do is, ‘not fuck up!’

Dev Mehta

Dev is a dating coach and enjoys demystifying women for those who can't. But his biggest accomplishment yet is that he has patted 3,276,482 dogs till date. You'll find him learning about human behavior and calling out on society's bullshit whenever he's free.


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