Why Getting Good With Women Is The Best Life-Skill You’ll Ever Learn


Before we begin, I want you to think about this:

Have you ever wondered why you’re here browsing this site?

I mean.. You could be doing a million things now..

But ... you’re here! You know why?

Let's rewind to the early nineties …

Forget about free stuff; even if you were the richest guy in the world, there wasn’t any good dating advice you could get your hands on.

And if you’re a normal twenty something living in the states, chances are that if you show this article to your father, he’ll probably go:

“Dating advice, seriously? Nobody can teach you that stuff, son!

Pops and his old school game!

And if I tell you the truth. He’s not completely wrong.

Back in the day, dating and mating were all about men and women meeting...and then stuff just happened naturally.

There weren’t any dating gurus or internet articles telling you ‘5 pickup lines that always work’.

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So why have we come to this?

Why do the men of today need to ‘learn’ dating to be good with women?

There’s two ugly reasons for that. Lemme tell ya.

First, there’s the media.

Try and recall, how many times do we see advertisements and commercials which show us that we need a certain product to get women attracted to us.

Like the stuff they try to sell us:
a) Body Fragrances
b) Cars
c) Shaving Products

Sound familiar? What was the last product you bought just because you thought it would make girls rain on you?


And then, there’s the silver-screen.

Pick-up any romantic comedy and try and recall the plot. What happens in the end?

The good-guy always gets the girl. But have you ever seen that happen in reality?

I haven’t.

In the world that I saw before I learned dating:

Forget about finishing last, good guys don’t finish at all.

In real life, they’re always confused.

They keep thinking why women don’t like them even when they’re doing everything right in their heads.

Their sex life is non-existent ... And even if some of them get lucky and get a girl …

… They screw up their chances by being jealous and insecure.

In fact these so called ‘good guys’ are the reason why women have a sad dating life too.

There you go, guy!

There are so many divorces today, just because women complain that their husbands don’t understand their needs.

And that’s because they can see through the ‘fake’ behavior mean try to lure them with.

You might realise that being just ‘the-guy-who-is-good-to-women’ isn’t enough...but what is enough then?

Here’s where learning dating comes into the picture!

See, here’s the thing.

There’s two types of people out there. The first, the older generation ... the middle aged people like our fathers etc like I told you above ...

... who tell you that you shouldn’t learn dating and it can’t be taught yada yada yada ...

And then, there’s the pickup dudes who talk about dating and sleeping with women all the time.

But the problem is, who should you listen to?

I’d say nobody. Because both these ends are extreme!

Dating women is important, surely ... but your entire life shouldn’t revolve around it.

But yeah, it does improve so many aspects of your life. And that’s what you’ll learn today!

Learning dating not only gets you good with women, but makes you a real man

Yes, if you come to think of it, learning dating isn’t only about getting your princess charming. It’s a life skill.

In fact, it’s a journey you take to find your inner man.

You go out, approach women, get rejected, get dates, screw up and what not.

It’s an entire package of new things that you’re exposed to.

Ahan 😉

Like any other skill, it has a process you gotta go through.

And the process is not a bed of roses. It teaches you so much.

You acquire so many traits along the way. Let’s look into them:

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1. Confidence: You learn that you are all you require to attract, date, seduce and please a woman. You get to know that there’s no such pickup line that will get her to like you and no such trick that will get her to sleep with you. You learn that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

2. Leadership Skills: Men are born leaders, but thanks to our society… they forget that. Dating is a skill that emphasizes on men being the leaders women want them to be. They learn that in order to make things happen, they’ve gotta lead all along the way.

3. Perseverance: If you’re a beginner, dating and understanding women won’t be easy for ya. You’ll say some weird shit, make some stupid mistakes and get into trouble sometimes. But you know what? That’s the beauty of it. Failing miserably and getting back up….like a real man should!

Helps you understand and satisfy women

What’s the biggest difference between your regular good guy next door and a guy who has actually taken the time and effort to get his dating game sorted?

I’ll tell ya.

Women love the latter more. And that’s coz he’s more genuine. More authentic.

If you ever ask a woman for dating advice, chances are that she’ll tell you to ‘Be Yourself’

And when she says that, she doesn’t mean that you gotta be all fake nice to a girl just because you wanna sleep with her.

Then don't go like...

What she means is to be more honest and real with her. Show her what you want from her and act on it. Women love such guys!

The reason why they would prefer players over nice guys any day is because the players are never dishonest with their intentions or try to do fake shit…

... just because they want sex.

Guys who learn dating are able to show their true personalities to women with ease.

And they give less of a fuck about judgement too.

That’s coz their journey and experiences with women teach them to be grounded with their emotions…

… And not make stupid desperate moves.

So the next time you see that charmer at school, club or the workplace who’s really chill and honest with women...

… you know what’s his secret 😉

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Takes you a step closer to inner peace.

Like I told you above, learning dating and understand women is a journey to find your inner man.

Once you take it and go through the drill that comes with it ...

It changes you as a person.

Now I’m not saying that you’ll turn into a sage ... but yeah it’ll make you more chill and relaxed.

You would have had your share of experiences with women and there won’t be any desperation.

You’ll actually be able to connect with not just women, but become a more social person as well.

But the best part …

Imagine the happy feeling that you’ll get when you see a beautiful bombshell pass by and you know from your core that you can have her if you want to.

Nothing beats that, my friend.

Trust me, the view is amazing from the top. You just gotta push a little to reach there.

And then, there are other good things...

Once you start getting good with women, you’ll start caring way more about yourself.

You’ll dress like you mean it.

You’ll be working on your health and hitting the gym regularly.

Your finances would improve.

The graph just keeps going upwards!

And all this would happen not coz there will be women in your life.

But because you’ll realize your true potential and start acting like the real man you were designed to be.

If I tell you my story, my life took a drastic turn when I got better with dating.

And I've shared a glimpse of it, in our book Daygame Decoded, in which you can learn all the secrets behind attracting and dating all the hotties you desire!

In fact, it was learning dating itself that helped me find my true purpose i.e. - help and teach guys about dating and women.

Well I could go on and on ... But I’d like to hear from you.

How has learning dating helped you? Lemme know in the comments below!


Dating Coach by profession. Writer by heart. Amitoj spends his free time gobbling on chicken wings and convincing people that he's a reincarnation of Shakespeare.


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