Why You Should Start Loving Women Even More (Thank Me Later!)


It’s been a while since I wanted to say this :

The dynamics between men and women seems to be taking an ugly turn.

Feels like we’re in a hollywood-y futuristic world where the preparations are on in full swing for the next world war!

And no..it’s not a war which will be fought for land or oil.

It’s a battle of men against women,

THE SEXIST WORLD WAR *battle cry music*

The men have the ‘Pickup Gurus’ by their side that are teaching them complicated formulas to counter the sh*t that women throw…

...And the women have the ‘Feminists’ who are making them more cautious about their enemy's strategies.

The rivalry is solid and both the teams will do whatever good-bad-ugly is required to win.

The world is in a state of havoc and the news channels are increasing TRPs by offering their analysis of which species will ultimately survive and rule over this planet we call ‘Mother Earth’.

The apocalypse is here...

*Evil Laughter* Hihuhuhahahahha!

Ok... this scenario is a little far stretched thanks to my Noble Laureate level imagination..LOL

But Seriously!

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Why have men and women become so hateful of each other?

For a fact, I understand that men and women are quite different from each other when it comes to dating.

And that’s alright!

Because we are meant to be that way and find a common point where both the parties can have a little going their way…

… and that’s the beauty of life! To co-exist and love one another.

But what I don’t understand is, how are these things such a freakin problem so big that both the sexes leave no opportunity to bash each other.

Men are weeping like toddlers that because women act crazy, throw sh*t at them, don’t give them as much sex as they want blah blah.

Women on the other hand have this favorite dialogue…”Oh he doesn’t care for me!” “Oh he doesn’t understand my needs” yada yada yada..

This has to stop!

It’s high time for us men to step up and show women that we love them.

Why us and not them first? I know some of you would say.

Because we are men and it’s our job to lead.

We gotta show women some love...and they love it when we take the first step.

And I know, I won’t be able to convince you by only my words.

So today, I’ll share with you my ‘little somethings’ which will tell you why we men and women behave the way we do.

But for that I’ll take you back to biology class. So wear your nerd glasses if you haven’t already.


Great. So the first thing you gotta understand here is that…

...the way we humans act and behave in situations are largely dictated our Deoxyribonucleic acid (or DNA) in your bodies.

And men and women have totally different sets of DNA floating through each other's bodies which makes their behaviors different from each other.

For example: Men have the high levels of ‘romantic element’ in their DNA than women (talk about love at first sight happening to us multiple times a day! :p)

And women, on the other hand, are way more careful in choosing their partner.

You’ll see them weighing all the pros and cons and making Einstein level calculations in their head...

... before they finally decide to settle down. (talk about girlfriends telling their boyfriends to get the job promotion first and then get married)

Now so many guys would fret over this and be like, 

“Women are gold diggers! They just want your money”

No they are not, you jacka$$! They care for their future with you and that is why they push you to your limits with their sh*t.

Ever heard the age old quote, ‘Behind every successful man, there’s a woman

You know why it still makes so much sense?

Because if a woman falls in love with you, she’ll make sure to do whatever it takes for you to fulfill your dreams.

I can give you a gazillion examples here!

Be it David and Victoria Beckham supporting each other right from the start or Barack and Michelle Obama staying each other through thick and thin.

Aren't they just so adorable?

It’s true. If a woman decides to be by your side, she’ll make sure stays with you right till the end.

But then, men still act all paranoid and fret if their girls throw a little sh*t at them.

You guys need to understand this…

When your girls act crazy, or play little mind games that stress you out, they’re subtly telling you

“I love you stupid! I’m just making sure that you continue to be the real man I fell in love with.”

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So the next time you find stuff about girls that’s driving you crazy, keep in mind that you might not always understand them but…

...You’ve got to love them for lovable chaos that they are..

And for the inexplicable beauty and happiness they bring into your life.

Here’s a little thing that I’ve discovered in my journey of understanding women...

It might sound like I’m generalising here, but women do understand us men a little better than we understand them.

I mean come to think of it...if you read them right, most of the things that they do are a reflection of the love that they have for you.

Say, the sh*t tests they give you might sound really annoying when you get them…

... but when you know that they REALLY want you to pass them so they can be with you. That’s just so adorable.

Or when they get jealous on the drop of a hat and want you to hold them close and tell them;

‘Baby I’m here. There’s nothing to worry about!”

Aren’t they just so beautiful?

We men might be all logical and think that ‘I’m enough!’ or ‘I don’t need a woman.’

But come to think of it. Would our lives ever be so colorful if there was no concept of a woman in them?

Why would we ever want to achieve anything? Who would we ever want to come back home to?

And if you come to think of it, it’s not much different for women either.

Would women ever work so hard on looking as stunning as they do, if there wasn’t a concept of a man?

Would they ever feel so loved and valued if men like you and me, who put so much effort into understanding and loving women didn’t exist?

Now I could go on and on because I am so grateful for having women in my life who love me, respect me and want me to become the best I can.

But the reason I’m writing this is because I want men to wake up to the reality and work on making their dating lives better…

...Because women too, need to see how much they mean to us and how much we love them.

And for guys who still think women are bad and are there to hurt you, there’s not much I want to say to them.

You don’t really deserve the privilege of having a woman by your side. Congratulations to you and your sad life.

But for the rest of us who now understand the magic which they bring into our lives, here’s a little thing I would invite you to do.

I’m ending this by writing down a declaration below, which will help you if you ever have negative thoughts about women in the future.

It’ll be great you to take a print-out and keep it with you…

...and read it the next time you think your girl (or women in general) are driving you nuts.

So here goes:

‘I’m a man. And I know women be crazy, stupid and not make sense at times. But there’s nothing more sensual, lovable, alluring and caring than a woman by my side. That’s why, I consider it as my responsibility to love and please women and tell other guys the same. And that’s because I now understand that women deserve to be loved!’

Keep this declaration and handy and don’t hesitate to come back and read this post as many times you want to.

And yes…

If you have a friend who is always mad at women for some reason...Share this post with him and help him out.



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