3 Creative Ways to Ask Her Out That Will Have Her Saying “Yes” Right Away


So you’ve finally reached that stage…!

You’ve found the one who sets your heart racing every time you see her...

The one who makes you look forward to every morning.

You guys spend time together and you’ve passed the hush-hush stages of wooing her.

It’s time for your happily ever after now …

... and you can’t be more excited .

The aim is set and it’s time to pull the trigger.

The stakes are high and it’s time that you let her know what’s up.

But ...

You’re nervous! This asking-her-out thing is getting to you.

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I get you, man.

And I know you want to be your best and absolutely sweep her off her feet…

... why not..she means so much to you and it’s only natural to let her know in the best way possible.

But at the same time you're freaking out and considering other alternatives from crapville, like asking her out via text (Seriously, don't do that!)

Anyway, the choices are endless…

… There’s a gazillion ways you could ask her out.

But you don’t know which one would be the best for you and your girl...

You might have seen or heard about some rich dude asking his girl out by gifting her a convertible and flaunting that over social media.

But guys like you and I, we gotta keep it real!

Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

Should you bend on your knees with a bouquet of roses in your hands like they do it in the movies or should you just cut out the cheesy ...

… and be chill and upfront to her about it instead.

I know the struggle, man. It can get to you.

But ...

Don’t lose your head… asking a girl out isn’t rocket science... It’s easier than you think!

Well, there are only 3 routes you can follow from here.

All you have to do after you finish reading this blog is follow the one which suits you best.

So just sit back and relax! Here are my tried and tested ways that’ll leave her awestruck every time.

The old school approach

Ever wondered why romantic movies like ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Gone with the Wind' still haven’t lost their charm?’

It’s because women still have a thing for old school romances.

You know ...the ones where the guy does something really sweet and meaningful and sweeps the girl off her feet.

It works amazing!

Now what you have to do is focus on something that is special for you two and build your proposal around it.

One thing that has worked great for my students on many occasions is that they take the girl to where they first met or saw her and ask her out there.


If this seems too much for you, you could pen down your feelings for her and write her a letter.

Write down whatever you feel on a piece of paper and just hand it over in a creative way.

If she’s a reader...slide the letter in the book where her bookmark is.

Or put it in a place which she always checks regularly..say her locker or file closet.

But be a little careful with this one! You don’t want your feelings to be crumpled and thrown away with paper trash.

Either way, bring out the romantic in you and show her how much means to you.. She will love you for this!

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Get Extravagant

Now if you’re a guy who enjoys giving surprises,this is the approach for you!

And you love her...so why not be a little over-the-top and go the extra mile?

The idea here is to think big and make her go ‘Oh my God!’

The trick I used back in the college is evergreen. It still works fab and the best part … It does not burn a hole in your pocket!

Try it. Here it goes;

Get chalk. Preferably a multi-colored lot. You’ll need some calligraphy skills handy for this one.

So you go to her house and ask her out by writing a message on her sidewalk ...

… big and bold enough that she can see it when she opens the door.

So if you’re asking her to be your girlfriend..you could write ‘WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND?’ big and bold on the sidewalk.

Ring her doorbell and watch the magic unfold!

But ...

If your handwriting game is not on point and you fear that she’s going to stop 3 times in a single sentence and go… “What’s that letter….is it a U or a V?”

Then you could use this alternative trick which works equally well.

Get a thick chart paper and cut it into small A4 sized placards and write your message on them alphabet by alphabet.

Get a few friends to hold the placards behind you and they will raise up the placards for you when your girl enters the scene.

So you ask her out without uttering a single word. Now that’s classy!

Keep the message short here though, or you’ll need more people holding placards.

And getting people on board can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

For example, a ‘LET’S GO OUT!’ would work better than a “WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?’

You get the drill.

Keep it simple, silly

All over-the-top things aside, in certain situations like this one, there’s nothing like keeping it simple. You know why?

Because it takes hell lotta courage to ask a girl out! And it’s a big thing you’re about to do, man.

And women know that ...

… That’s why they look forward to us guys manning up and confronting them about our feelings, way over any other ‘special’ things that we do for them.

So get real and tell her about how you feel for her, how she sets your world on fire and how she’s the only person you want beside you.

You might not believe it, but just these words are enough to make a woman melt,if they are said the right way.

And… and… and...

You don’t have to make it sound all correct and sweet like a president’s electoral speech.

You just have to be real with what you feel and say that because those are the best things you can say and the things she ACTUALLY wants to hear.

Just don’t hold back and express yourself out completely. She’ll thank you for it.

If asking her out in person seems like a daunting task, you could always write down what you want to say on paper… and then call her!

That way you can do away with ‘umms, errs and aa’s’..

But remember…

Never ever use social media or text messaging apps to ask a girl out! It’s so impersonal and the worst turn off ever.

Would you like if somebody mentioned you in their tweets or tagged out in status updates to ask you out?

It’s the same with women. They hate that.

They think it’s creepy and cowardly of guys who do that and wonder...

‘What’s wrong with him? Can’t he just tell me in person?”


So always prefer telling her in person...or the last resort...call her. Don’t go any below that!

There you go with the 3 pro approaches to ask her out.

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But… Which approach should you pick?

To be honest, that solely depends on how well you know your girl.

Do you think she is the kind who jumps over the slightest mention of the word ‘surprise’ or she’s the coy one who likes it simple.?

That is for you to see and decide.

And I know the dilemma well…

… You’re excited and nervous at the same time. And that’s only natural!

Just brush the doubts aside express yourself out to her (not via text of course :p) ...that’s the important thing..and leave the rest to our amazing tips 😉

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Dating Coach by profession. Writer by heart. Amitoj spends his free time gobbling on chicken wings and convincing people that he's a reincarnation of Shakespeare.


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