All You Need To Know About The Girls On Tinder (And How To Woo Them)


Yeah! You saw that^

Now for those of you who think I’m some kinda tinder sorcerer… you’re right!

Except for the fact that I don’t use any magical powers to get girls drooling for me over Tinder.

I use my skill!

Yes it's true.

Carve it on a rock - Messaging girls on Tinder is all skill.

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A skill that’s about knowing the right message to send, to the right girl, at the right fuckin time!

And without a doubt, most guys fuck it up!

I don’t blame them, though. Coz they just don’t know that they’re doing.

Some just go about copy pasting the same kinda message to every girl they match… while the other horny dudes are busy finding the perfect angle to click dick pics.

It’s all messed up. And the worst part- Girls hate all that.

If you’re looking at the slightest chance of scoring a chick from tinder, here’s one thing you’ve got to have figured out before you even think of sending her the first message:

You gotta know what kinda girl you’re dealing with!

Is she the kind who’s adventurous, easy going and jolly…

... or the kind who’s just out there to kill time.

You should be able to figure if she looking for a casual fling... or she’s actually out there believing that Tinder is the answer to all her ‘true love’ prayers!

And you can’t take this stuff’s hell lotta important!

Coz that way you decide about the what kinda texts you should be sending her so that you can get those digits and then meet her for the date ASAP.

So don’t you worry, bud.

Today we’re gonna be going through all the kinds of girls you’ll bump into on Tinder...

... and how you should text them so that they can’t help thank the Tinder gods that they matched with you!

Hit it.

Number 1: The Sapiosexual

I know if you’ve been tindering for a while, you know how overrated this name is...and that’s exactly what this girl is about.

This is the girl who’ll win a Guinness world record for the filling the most information possible in the 500 characters of her bio …

She'll tell you everything from where she was born, her preferences in men, random English terms (which you’ve never heard before) and her favorite color of panties!

Generic Sapiosexual bio.

Okay Okay, I went a little overboard here… but you know what I’m talking about..

These girls are intellectual, outgoing and know how to hold a good conversation.

So if you wanna score a date with her, you’ve got to be a deadly combo of John Keats and Albert Einstein while you’re texting.

Yep, if you guys connect... be ready for the best textual banter on the planet.

And expect a lot of back and forth texting before she gives you her number.

Coz she’s gonna test you by asking you all sorta shit about you and the world… and you’ll have to find your way around it.

So fasten your seatbelt and be patient...because they can be long ass roller coaster ride of interrogation.

Along with the bio, another great way you know you’re dealing with a ‘sapiosexual’ is…

… that they’ll mostly have pictures of them doing some activity

She still looks like fun 😉

You know like co-curricular stuff… or volunteer work….feeding a stray animal...or the ultimate classic:

Reading a classic Sidney Sheldon novel.

Yeah, I know. If you’re not a big fan of intelligent banter...

May the force be with you! Amen.

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Number 2: The ‘Looking for true love’ girl

She knows what she's in for!

She's totally out there!

The biggest key to locate this 'unique species' of women on Tinder is in their photos.

No kidding!

All their photos are not the slightest bit of of provocative or slutty. Like they’re coming straight out of a freakin matrimonial website.

You know, the kinda pics that look all sophisticated and poise…

… like where you can figure out that all the editing softwares have been used to perfection.

These girls believe that out of all places on earth, they’ll find their PCF (Prince Charming Forever) on Tinder.

Some even have stuff like ‘swipe-right-only-if-you-want-a serious-relationship’ disclaimer attached to their bios.

So here’s the thing you should know when you match with such a girl.

Talk to her only if you too, want something for the long term! Otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

And no..if you think you can turn it around with your game and get her to have sex with you…

… You’re living in your own la-la land.

When it comes to online dating, women are pretty clear of what they’re looking for.

So if you’re on Tinder for the sole purpose for getting laid, I’d advise you to save yourself the hassle of banging your head against the wall and move on to the next category.

Number 3: No Hook-ups!

Aha! This one is my favorite 😉

If there was an award for the funniest bios on tinder, all the ‘no hookups’ girls would get it!

I mean seriously, who are they kidding?

If you look at their pictures, here’s some stuff you’re most likely gonna find:

1.Cleavage shots!
2.Photos of them 'livin it up' (Parties, drinking tequila shots, holding sex toys, semi PDA with guys)
3.Pictures in really short, tight dresses (mmm) and bikinis
4.More cleavage shots <3

Well, spot the difference in pics and bio?

Now if you’re anything like I used to be back in the day, you can be pushed into the ultimate dilemma of your life… and that is:

A girl having all sorts of pictures that show you what an amazing sex bomb she is...and on the other hand she says ‘NO HOOKUPS’ bold and clear on her bio.

Why god why?

I know, that’s misleading level 1000000, but they have their reasons for it.

Don’t whine, I’ll tell ya.

First the good news - You’ll love this.

These kinda girls will hook-up with you for sure. In fact, they’re the easiest ones to lay...

… if your texting game is on point.

There’s a sense of relief for ya, son!

And second. Why they write stuff like ‘No hookups’ or ‘If you wanna hook-up, swipe left’ even when they clearly have pictures that show that they’re the kind of girls who’ll surely hook-up?

There’s 2 reasons for that:

1.They don’t wanna be slut shamed.

See here’s the deal. Girls on Tinder do wanna have sex, but not at the cost of being judged.

In fact, this is a universal rule for women. They’ll only have casual sex with you when they’re sure that you’re NOT someone who’ll judge them for it.

So what works best for them is that:

They subtly tell you that they’re available through their photos (yeah, I’m talking of the cleavage shots here) …

… and write ‘No Hookups’ on their bio just show that they are dignified women, who are not ‘easy’.

2. They wanna rule out the nice guys.

If a girl is attractive, the least that she deserves is a guy who’s attractive in a way that pushes all her sexual buttons.

And we here at Datesharp teach you just that 😉

But again, the Alice-es in tinderland are tired of the creepy nice guys who bore the living shit out of them.

So a ‘No Hookups’ warning works great in shooing them away and telling them:

‘Back off Mister, coz you being all nice won’t get you in my pants!

Get it? 

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Number Four: The Attention Whore

^LOL.. That rhymes :p 


This is the most annoying kinda girl you’ll meet on your journey through tinderland.

She’ll probably not be very hot to begin with.But when you guys match, then you’ll know the real meaning of being ‘strung over’.

Yeah. And that’s coz she’s not on tinder to meet, date or hook-up - She’s just there for validation!

If you’re ever looking for the girl that’s obsessed with the idea of Instagram followers, YouTube views and Facebook likes?

Told ya!

Well… guess what?

Your search has ended! There she is.

Be ready to be thrown into the pit of late replies, pointless back and forth messaging that goes nowhere… and give up the idea of meeting her in person totally!

And if she gives you her number, consider yourself lucky. Coz I’m pretty sure that’s a really big deal for her.

Number 5: The ‘No Bullshit’ kind

You go girl! <3

This is the girl who’s gonna rock your world (and ahem...bedroom!) without you having to do much to get her.

Infact, she’ll do all the effort here. So sit back and relax.


Coz this one knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it!

She’ll either mention it straight up in her bio that she’s in for a ‘good time’.


She’ll prove it to you with her remarkable texting 😉

If you’re early in your Tinder journey and have already bumped into such a chick..I’d tell you to STOP reading this post right now!

And go buy a ticket to the lucky draw first. LOL

Trust me, she's a catch buddy! All you gotta do is not mess things up.

Other than that, check out our ultimate manual to Tinder success, Tinder Textbook, that'll teach you all you need to know to ace your results on the app.


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