7 Things You Don’t Know About Women On Tinder (Which is Why You Are Not Getting Matches)


A great man born in the 20th century once said, ‘Tinder is a girl’s best friend.’

The next day, the world was in state awe for this man. Everyone agreed that truer words had never been spoken.

People were dancing and celebrating all over the world, there were parades and flash-mobs.

Some nations even declared the day as a national holiday.

Guys around the world had found a new visionary who would guide them out of their Tinder miseries.

Finally they found somebody who actually understood what girls wanted on Tinder.

They wanted to see him, touch him (no homo) and ask him the secret recipe for getting tinder dates…

DateSharp literally had to convince him to lend his magic manual, Tinder Textbook, which contains all the the secrets guys need to know to be the 'catch' that women seek.

But anyway…

He disappeared! Without a trace.

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Search parties were deployed to look for him in every nook and corner of the world.

Some people said Osama had kidnapped him and was planning on selling his sharp brain to a wealthy Shiekh in Dubai.

While others thought that he had traveled back in time to his wife and house in the european alps.

Nobody clearly knew where he went and what happened to him.

Fast forward to 2017, the great man watched the world reaching it’s Tinder apocalypse…

...as more and more women were getting frustrated and quitting the app.

It wasn’t much different for most guys; they too didn’t seem to score dates. 

And no, unlike the pretty chicas, they weren’t frustrated...they made their efforts...but not quite in the right direction.

Until I, the great man himself, decided to show myself to the world...and give guys the secret tinder recipe they’ve been craving for!


For the first time since the conception of mother earth, I’ll be revealing the secrets from the other side of the screen: The girl’s view of Tinder.

So get ready to roll. We're going to the flip side.

#Secret I: Most of their swipes are matches.

A girl on Tinder is like a kid in the candy shop.

Unlike guys, they don’t have to sit thumb-fapping through the city all day before they get a match.

All they have to do is set up a profile and boom, it rains matches on them.

And I’m not talking about the super hot instagram models here, even for an average looking girl, 85% of what they swipe become matches.

Why is that? I’ll tell you.

Ever been so desperate to get laid that you swiped right on all the girls? 

Haha! Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. And it’s gonna change after you’re done reading this.

That’s most guys…. most of the time.


You know what that means for the girl? It’s freakin wonderland for them.

Which is why they never run out of matches on Tinder. All they gotta do is choose their candy and it’s all downhill from there.

#Secret II: They spend way more time texting their matches than swiping to new guys.

Because most of a Tinder girl’s swipes are matches, they don’t really think it’s a good idea to have a sausage fest on their mobile screen.

You gotta understand this…

Even they are using the app because they want to meet men.

And that’s only possible if they chat with them first and see which are the good options.

And for them, this can a be one hell of a job considering the number of guys they have chasing them.

So that’s the reason why some guys don’t get matches even when they have a good profile and bio.

It’s simply because the girls are too occupied way before they reach your profile.

That's sad, I know. But there's a fix to this. 

But to explain it to you I’ll have to be the bad guy and tell you the harsh truth.

If you’re a guy, consider Tinder to be a paid app only.

There’s no shortcut here. If you’re serious about scoring dates from tinder you’ve got to get the paid version.

That’s the only way Tinder is going to show your profile on priority to the girl...which will increase your chances of getting matches.


I’m ready to bet a million dollars if you anyone shows the paid version of Tinder on a girl’s phone.

Coz they don't need it!

Okay, a million is way too much but we can settle on a hundred dollar bill.

#Secret III: They actually read your profile...and expect you to initiate the convo

Here’s another gem of a saying from my ‘great man’ closet.

‘Tinder helps those, who helps themselves!’

It’s pretty obvious. If you think buying the paid version of Tinder is the answer to all your problems...you’re sadly mistaken.

You gotta have a solid game to back it up!

No chick will sleep with you just because yours was the first profile that popped on her screen... unless she’s had no action in decades.

Unlike most guys, who swipe right on anything that moves...girls actually take their time in studying your profiles.

Which means...You've got to stand out! If you expect her to even consider swiping right to your profile, you need get have a solid profile that stands out from the usual douchebag-y profiles she’s tired of seeing.

Douchebag profiles 101

And it's not that hard.

The bottom-line is, if your profile i.e- your pictures and bio convey that you have an interesting life, you’re more likely to get matches and score dates.

And what if I tell you...even that’s not enough!

Yes, just having a good profile won’t get you a date.

Just because it’s Tinder and you don't have to approach girls per say...

... it doesn’t mean that the game changes here…

You still gotta be a man and make things happen.

She wants you to 'make it happen'

I had a student whose Tinder profile sucked..so I helped him choose good pictures and write a witty bio.

And after a while, his profile was set and he started getting matches.

A few days later he called me and said, “I’m getting the matches but none of the girls have messaged me yet.”

Seriously Bro. You kiddin me?

Then I gave him one advice which changed his life.

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“Send her the first goddamn message!”

Don’t be in a fool’s paradise and expect her to make the first move. Girls never do.

In fact, they expect you to initiate the conversation and charm them with your personality.

So don’t shy away. You never know what good things a simple first message can bring into your life.

#Secret IV: They’re sick of your ‘Hi’s’ and ‘How’re you’s.’




‘How you doin?’

‘Hey you’re pretty!’

Sound familiar?

If your first message anything along these lines, get ready to be sent to the forbidden land of dry spells on Tinder.

A girl’s Tinder is overflowing with guys sending them pointless ‘hi’s’ and ‘hello’s’.

What do you think they reply to such messages?

Guess what….They DON’T!

You know why? Because such bland messages make them feel that you’re a boring person who doesn’t have anything 'exciting' to his life.

Now I know this might sound rude, because for all I know you could have the most interesting life ever.


... the girl doesn’t know that!

She can only try to judge you based on how you text her. And that’s because she already has tons of options to choose from.

Why the hell would she choose somebody who is boring?

What if you were in the girl’s shoes and have all the women in the world to choose from... wouldn’t you also want to choose the best?

And if you don’t know what first message to write except the boring ‘hi’s and hello’s’...

Here’s a simple first message which has worked great for me. Feel free to use it.

‘I saw your profile and you seemed to be pretty interesting I guess. So I’d love exploring the opportunity to know this person your parents named (insert name of the girl)’.

Simple yet honest, just how girls like it 😉

#Secret V : They hate mirror selfies

Yeah I know what you’re thinking.

...Girl’s put selfies on their profiles too.

But you’re forgetting one thing here.

We guys don’t have any solid criteria for judging girls on tinder... All we care about is getting laid!

If the girl’s pretty (or has big boobs), we’ll swipe right. No second thoughts.

But girls have way more options than us. And naturally, their expectations are high as well.

If you come to think of it, what interesting things do you think your mirror selfies convey to the girl? (besides that you have famished six pack )

They tell the girl that you don’t have a life.

That you’re one boring person who doesn’t even have anyone to click pictures of him.

Instead why not invest in getting better pictures clicked?

We all have that one friend with a DSLR camera.


If that isn’t an option you can always wear your best fitting clothes and ask a family member to click pictures with a mobile camera.

It’s all about making an effort to makes things better.

#Secret VI: Tinder isn’t the only place they get attention from...

… There’s other social media as well.

She has guys messaging her on Facebook, her Instagram followers are exploding, guys are hitting her up on Snapchat… and the list is endless.

And besides that there are other dating apps like Happn and OKCupid as well.

So there will be times when the girl would reply late. Or in some cases... wouldn’t reply to your messages at all.

And it’s not because she’s arrogant or she purposely wants to irritate you.

It’s just that in her reality, you’re like a needle lost in the haystack. 

It’s not like she doesn’t want to talk to you... it's just that she loses you in the large pool of men hitting on her.

But would you let her go and leave your Tinder love story unfinished?

Hell no!

It’s your responsibility to make sure that she doesn’t miss out on your cool personality.

So if your girl/girls haven’t replied to you in awhile, it’s your job to check on them and send them a follow-up message.

This one’s my favorite;

‘Hey (name of the girl)! Seems like our conversation had been lost in the sands of time. It’s time we make up for that. What good things are you upto?’

When you send this follow-up message, she gets reminded that she's missing out on a really cool guy. 

Which means that you get another chance to start an interesting convo with her.

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#Secret VII: Some girls are just out there to get validated.

Dating over tinder might be awesome for so many reasons, but there’s an ugly side to it as well.

And I’m gonna tell you the truth.

Not all girls on Tinder want to meet you. Or anyone.

Some are out there just because it makes them feel good about themselves.

 When they wake up every morning...they need to see atleast 10 'new match' notifications so they can get their lady boners.

And I know how frustrating it can be for guys to come across such girls.

They might text you back and forth, but will make you work like a donkey for their digits.

And even if they give you their number, they’ll have no intention of meeting you.

And mind you...

You'll find such a girl every now and then on your tinder journey! 

So if you feel that they are acting too pricey or just wasting your time, don’t put in much effort.

Even better, let them go. There are plenty of fish in the vast Tinder ocean.

#The Closure

So if I put it all together, tinder is an avenue for girls to get any kind of men they want.

And in the end, it all boils down to one question.

Are you good enough so that they choose you?

And I know..

Some of you will be holding your head and be going like, “All this is so unfair!”

And to be frank, to some levels it is.

We might have it a little harder than women, but in the end it’s all worth it.

So now that you know a girl's reality of tinder, it's time to be a man and score some tinder dates!

Hope this helps 🙂

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