Use These Biology ‘Hacks’ To Get An Edge In Your Dating Life


Thanks to the questions you guys have been asking off lately, I feel like a college professor.

I’ve been in nerd-mode for days,reading up books on psychology, biology, history and what not.

I studied dating behaviors of men and women since the time we were apes...

Till today, the era of technology and casual dating.

And it was hell lotta fun...Because it gave me so much more to share with you.

I observed amazing fun facts and patterns, which will help take your game to zen level once you understand what I’m about to tell you.

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And today, for the first time in the history of mankind….The time has come!
*Intense Saxophone Symphony*

That I explain to you 3 biological truths you should know if you wanna understand women better.

The best part about them is...

.. That it's pure science. 

And aren’t things just way more cooler when they have ‘backed by science’ tagline attached to them?;)

Let’s begin..

1.Men are logical and women are emotional. 

You might have heard this a million times and it's true.

But why?

To explain this to you, I want you to think of the male and female anatomy.

Yeah, like the diagrams of naked men and women they showed you in school.

Except this diagram gives you the HOTS!

So we look at women first… (because obviously, b00bs :p)

Women have child bearing organs such as breasts, vaginas and a uterus which makes them able to produce and feed their baby.

And on the other hand, men are taller and physically stronger than women…

Because it’s their natural responsibility to protect their family from dangers and provide them with food for survival.

Since the day humans stepped on this planet, men are wired to be providers to their women and children.

And that is why we are more logical by nature.

The real MVPs

Yeah! Be with me on this.

Even when we evolved from apes to tribes, it was men who did all tasks which required logic and precision.

Be it setting up tents for shelter, or sculpting tools to hunt and set traps for animals,it was all a ‘man’s job’.


Because women were physically weaker and had to rely on the men for providing them with shelter and resources…

...they were gifted with the power of emotion.

Being emotional helped them raise their children and understand their needs better.

Fast forward to today, the times might have changed but how we think as men and women hasn’t.

And that’s why in the dating world, we men find it hard to understand the stuff women do and say.

That's because logic and emotion are way different things ​that can't be kept in the same room.

And it won’t be an understatement to say, but they (kind of) face the same problem.

Now you know why.

2. Why men want to have sex with multiple women and why women test men ?

Again...back to the male anatomy basics.

We men might be physically taller and stronger than women..

But there’s this organ hanging between our legs which gets up on the slightest sight of a woman.

And we feel this urge of having sex with as many beautiful women as possible.

Genetically speaking.... That’s because as men if we are wired to have our generation live long after we’re gone.

For that, we need to spread our genes as much as possible.

Even in our caveman days, when there were no concepts such as marriage, males would hunt for females to mate with and then take them back to the cave to have sex with them.

But it’s different for women..Unlike men, they have consequences to face after they’ve had sex with a man.

I.e- they get pregnant!

And that’s why they continuously keep testing us men because they want to see if we’re only sexually available only to fuck them.


Are we actually gonna be there for her emotionally to take care of them and the child when the time comes?

We might call them out on testing us every now and then, but as men we gotta understand that it’s a big concern for them.

Because their survival depends on it!

Caveman baby making machines.

So the next time a girl gives you a shit test, instead of crying and complaining like a pussy…

... smile at her and understand that why she’s doing it.

It’s because she actually likes you enough to test you.

3. Why women get jealous and go for stronger, well settled men?

Mah homeboy Charles Darwin said, “Survival of the fittest.”

Which means, that as humans our first instinct is to survive and lead a comfortable life where we have a house to live in, food to eat and are protected from dangers.

Women are no different here!

That’s why they make efforts to seek out the best male and encourage men to compete over them.

And this isn’t something new.

Even in the animal kingdom, males fight with other males to win the female and make babies with her.

And if you read ancient history and mythology, records have been found that males competed with each other over females.

On the other hand...

Women keep fretting about the ‘right guy’ who is well off to settle with...

… whereas we men give less of a flying fuck about finding the ‘right girl’.

It’s simple for us... just give us a beautiful woman(or women) and we’re happy. That’s because our survival doesn’t depend on the women we’re with.

But for women, it’s different. They want to last with a man who gives them a comfortable future.

And no, it’s not because they are gold diggers. It’s a question about their lives.

When a man has his life sorted and knows how to handle women, they go crazy and fight for him with other women.

He becomes a fuckin catch!

And what’s funny is, that even after they get the guy who gives them the life they want, they still keep fighting to keep him around.

Even the thought of losing the guy scares them to death.

Talk about jealous wives and girlfriends eh?

So the next time your girl gets jealous when you look at other girls, realise this…

It’s a fuckin big deal for her and she doesn’t want to lose you.

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The Wind Up

I hope I’ve been able to help you understand how biology and dating are related….and how you can use biology to understand women better.

Now that I’m done writing this, it’s time I take off my professor’s cape.

But don’t worry, I won’t mind putting it back on if you guys want me to.

So keep the questions coming and I'll answer them for you. 

Let’s learn and grow together. Adios!

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